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Blowin' It

Fail any song 10 times

Blowin' It0
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15 Sep 2009 19 Sep 2009
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At the moment the name of this achievement is wrong; it should be "Blowin' It".

In order to obtain this achievement you need to fail the same song 10 consecutive times. The fastest way to do this is pick any song on Expert difficulty and just spam buttons/strum fast; you should fail within seconds. Do this 10 times and you will get the bloop sound, achievement unlocked.
Failure OnlineIsn't Maybe Next Time Buddy from Halo 3? lol
Posted by Failure Online on 18 Sep 09 at 22:32
Furious GunmanI was thinking the same thing.

Jerry, You wouldn't "spam the buttons" you would just strum really fast, no button pressing required. Unless of course you are using a controller(like me)! Although it is only a small difference and may only save you 1-5 seconds per song, I just feel like it should be clarified.
Posted by Furious Gunman on 18 Sep 09 at 22:53
Ryo0kiThanks for the clarification, I use a controller seeing as I don't usually purchase games; but rather just rent them. Thanks.
Posted by Ryo0ki on 19 Sep 09 at 11:53
Negative ZZEasiest song to do is TTFAF because strum power+a million notes a second=instant death!!!
Posted by Negative ZZ on 02 Nov 09 at 16:54
Vermin360I did this using Closer (since I was also working on "Almost Got It" at the same time. Interestingly enough, the meter wouldn't fail out until after about 20% of the way through the song. Not sure if this came about from a title update, or if it was because it was on Easy difficulty.
Posted by Vermin360 on 13 Apr 11 at 16:07
EMOesqueJust to clarify, for Vermin and everyone else, it was Easy difficulty that caused that. Easy doesn't let you fail out until a certain point.
Posted by EMOesque on 21 Aug 11 at 03:13