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Win 10 ranked matches in a row.

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14 Mar 2012 13 May 2013
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You actually don't need to boost this achievement. You don't even need to play. If you're not very good at the game just start up Protect Tha Pimp. If you are not very good you will probably get teamkilled a good amount of times. Don't get pissed and quit if you get TK'd because it's still very possible your team will win.

A thing most people don't know about this achievement is that you can quit out and it won't count against you. The best way to do this is to be safe. That means doing what we would do back when the online gang servers were still up. Whenever the other team has won 2 rounds, no matter how many you have won QUIT OUT! The game is very glitchy and if something were to happen like the host quit, it might result in what's called a 'lag loss' and give one of the team's a round win randomly. If you were on the wrong end of that, winning streak is over. This way you can keep your winning streak going.

Most people that play PTP are really good so you will win a good amount even if you aren't very good.

Hope this helps.

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AirNathThx,I got it done this way,took about 3hrs.
Posted by AirNath on 19 Mar 13 at 23:36
NanNo problem. Congrats.
Posted by Nan on 20 Mar 13 at 00:16
xROELOFxthis worked great! also you don't have to win the matches in 1 day. you can do some wins and when fed up (because of all the team kills/cheaters/hackers), continue another day. just make sure you don't lose any matches in between.
Posted by xROELOFx on 23 Mar 14 at 12:33
Dadmixhow many do you need to start a match
Posted by Dadmix on 26 Apr 19 at 08:37