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Escape a Reaper in the galaxy map.

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*If you would prefer a Video Guide for this Achievement, then you can watch the video provided below, or choose to read a Text Guide.*

- The Text and Video Guide both show you how to unlock the "Lost and Found" & "Untouchable" Achievement's in Mass Effect 3.

Text Guide (Lost and Found):

First off, on the Normandy, go to your Galaxy map which is on the second level of the ship. Then, enter a Reaper controlled system. If you're just starting the Campaign, then you'll notice there are very few Reaper controlled systems that you can access at the moment. Don't worry, you'll be able to access more systems as your complete more missions. Now, once you're inside a Reaper Controlled system, start scanning around the planets using 'LT'. If you see a red warning notification around the planet, then go to the planet. Then press 'Y' once to start the Scanner. Then hold 'LT' to scan and look for resources or survivors. Once you've found something, launch a probe. Do this 10 times, and your Achievement will unlock. If you want to re-enter a solar system where the Reapers were recently chasing you in, simply complete a mission and they'll be gone when you re-enter the system.

Text Guide (Untouchable):

When you're searching for planets to scan, you'll notice that your "Reaper Alertness" level is rising every time you scan using 'LT'. When the Reapers come, they'll try and kill you. Find the nearest Mass Relay to escape and your Achievement will unlock!

Hope this helps! Thank you.

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