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Wrong Direction

Complete a lap on Peak in 18.1s - driving in the wrong direction, multiplayer only.

Wrong Direction0
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24 Mar 2012
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Here's a video solution showing how to set the game up and also gameplay that shows the achievement popping.

I would suggest you allow a good 30 mins or more to get the achivement as it takes a while to learn the track when you cannot see whats comming up.

You may also find that you often knock each other of the track or get stuck behind rocks.

I've now done this achievement twice and both times I've found that the first step is to get a full lap with no mistakes, then from there you just need to increase your overall speed and get that 1 lucky lap.
TsubakiCalamityThanks for the useful video! I know I've been trying with my boosting partner from my previous sessions, but he's not very good at it. By the way, does all cars have the same speed or something different? The only thing I can notice the feel of the speed is Turbo mode.
Posted by TsubakiCalamity on 04 Apr 12 at 04:46
adiash73it does take a while to get, even with reasonable drivers. We spent about half an hour before we got the 1 lucky lap needed.

If you stick at it eventually you will get 1 lclean la, then another and then your times will get better and better.

All the cars perform the same, the only difference is visual, so choose what you like there, and you need to play on TURBO mode in order for the cars to be fast enough to get under the time needed.

Good luck
Posted by adiash73 on 04 Apr 12 at 17:12