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28 Mar 2012 04 Apr 2012
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This is truly a beast of an achievement. The ratio does not lie. But you feel so damn proud after getting this! :D
Main point: you need to gold star all the archives on BOTH Normal and Hard. Hope is excluded from this (thank god!).

Gold star means 100% purification and more than 800,000 points (if playing with controller; for Kinect it's 500,000).
My suggestions are:
1) Be very comfortable with 100% purification, meaning know all the little "danger" spots for each level (such as killing someone either too late or too early). Check out the solutions for those 100% purification achievements, that was the help/boost I needed to make it work for me. Here are a few pointers on the "danger zones":

=== MTX
Area 3 (red squares): You must have 84% after killing the last wave of red squares. Killing the blue sphere to the end gives 16%.
Area 5 (4 red orbs): Make sure to kill the last blue snake in time, in order to get two big purple snakes.

=== EVO
Area 3: Those spinning purple enemies are annoying. You have to be very precise on timing with the last wave of those.

=== BTY
Area 1: After the two butterflies, the three flowers that release 8 enemies each. Make sure to octo lock and kill the enemies first and then kill the flowers. If you kill the flower too early you won't get all 8 enemies => will count as a miss on purification counter.
Area 3: The 8 enemies that come out in a spiral shape. There are three waves of those. Make sure to kill them in time, because if you don't they just get buried back into the tunnel. If you are too late you might still get the perfect octo-lock, but your "bullets" will be too late in reaching them before they burry again. Just make sure that your purification counter increased after killing them.

=== PSN
Area 2 (speedway with gates): After the 3rd gate, you get 6 and then 8 red dots. I personally used a euphoria here, because it was too annoying to try to kill them all in time before they fly away. Plus euphoria took care of the last gate too! ^.^
The rest of the level is hard, but everything is visible, so you just need to be fast enough (but don't forget about the beat!) ;)

=== JNY
Everything is very straight forward from the purification standpoint. Only the the "evo" themed area there are enemies that might get away from you if you are too slow, but otherwise you are just fighting bosses. Can't miss anyone here!

After being able to purify the socks our of each archive focus on keeping the beat and creating the cursor movement pattern from enemy to enemy.

2) Created mental "check points" at some Areas of the archive to make sure that you have enough points to make it to 800,000 in the end. The checkpoints below are very approximate, they are plus/minus 50,000 on either side. Sometimes you might do bad with normal enemies, but perfect with boss fights and still get 800K in the end, or vice versa, messing up bosses fights will put your efforts to waste.

=== MTX End of Area 2 (before red squares) ~ 130,000
=== MTX End of Area 4 (speedway) ~ 250,000
^^^ No Euphoria used (+100K)

=== EVO End of Area 2 (many little fishes + snakes) ~ 300,000
=== EVO End of Area 3 (with purple spinning enemies) ~ 400,000
^^^ No Euphoria used (+100K)

=== BTY End of Area 2 (before the tunnel) ~ 300,000
^^^ No Euphoria used (+100K)

=== PSN End of Area 5 (mirrors) ~ 600,000 (I was not planning on octo-locking the final boss because its too hard and used 1 Euphoria previously)
^^^ 1 Euphoria used in Area 2 (+50K)

=== JNY End of Area 4 (running men) ~ 350,000
^^^ 1 Euphoria used in Area 5 (+50K)

3) Lastly, practice, for the love of god, practice... and know that it's possible to get this cheevo, just might cost a bit of your sanity! ;)

Wishing everyone lots of patience!!! Please let me know if you have questions/concerns before down voting.
ReDSHiFTDController, for kinect 500,000 points are needed. But frankly, with the precision and accuracy that you will need to make it happen, Kinect just doesn't cut it. In my honest opinion it's easier with controller, even though Kinect's score is 300,000 points lower.
Posted by ReDSHiFTD on 03 Apr 12 at 12:32
MeringueWhile I appreciate that you put together a small solution for this, maybe you could come along and share a couple of places that gave you a bad time. As it is you really aren't telling anything people don't already know. For your mental checkpoints, perhaps you could post a rough score guide (At end of Phase 1 in Passion, have 130,000ish points, etc.)
I will give another example.

For me, it took a long time to figure out how to effectively take bullets down in hard mode. The flower in Beauty is a hell of a beast (Pun :P) and will test your patience. The last phase it belches out crap tons of bullets. Sweeping the reticule from left to right instead of small circular motions at that part is far more effective. It was such a simple thing that kept tripping me up until my wife pointed it out.

To burn down things faster if you just need it dead, hold RT and spam A. It is far faster at killing than octolocking or just gunning it down.

Lastly if people have put up good level guides already, don't be ashamed to link to them in your own solution!
Posted by Meringue on 03 Apr 12 at 20:45
MeringueAs an edit to above comment, I meant on TA for level guides. I never like directing to other sites.. always prefer original in house things so to speak. Won't hold it against ya if you do though :D
Posted by Meringue on 03 Apr 12 at 20:47
MeringueLast thing that I found immensely helpful when learning the levels. Set your SFX to 20 or 30%, and max the music volume. Some of the ambient parts can be difficult to octolock through ( I am looking at you Beauty Phase 2 intro / Passion intro)

For Beauty you can actually hear (It's very quiet) a sort of chiming behind the electronic hum. You pick that up and you can octolock flawlessly. Once the downbeats come back you're home free.

For Passion in the beginning the globe pulses with the beat until you break it apart. With each "BOOOOM" there's a slight "tup tup" behind it. Release at the second "tup" and it will be a perfect octolock.

I only type that out because if you play with SFX up it is almost impossible to hear, and as such can really screw up your octolocks.
Posted by Meringue on 03 Apr 12 at 20:55
MeringueMore things: See , this is easy once you get into it!

Beauty. When the flower has orange points at the end of its' petals, those do not count towards your score. Just spam them down and be done with it, so you can focus on bullets. ONLY THE CORE GIVES POINTS!

Journey, end boss. The orange fish things that cover the core do not give points. Just hold down RT and hammer A like crazy. The giant arm things do not give points either (after the orange fish). Again, DO NOT OCTOLOCK HERE. Hold down RT and spam A. If you take too long, you stand a very good chance of getting hurt! Just burn em down. If you do as I say, you will have plenty of time, and should never fail there.
Posted by Meringue on 03 Apr 12 at 21:02
ReDSHiFTDYep, Meringue, those are all really great points. I didn't link to other solutions because I figure people who are determined (read: crazy) enough to go for this beast should/would already know how to get 800,000 and 100% purification separately. Perhaps you could add these valuable comments to the solutions of the respective achievements?

I mean, in reality, this is very straight forward. It's just combining the two together and not making a mistake of missing some small enemy is the biggest hurdle.
Practice, practice, practice, no words, other than those ones, will help at this point... :)

The point of this solution is to point out that one need gold stars on BOTH Normal and Hard. Had I known this before I set out to complete this game I would've passed it on and still had my sanity! ;) I literally thought it was only about gold starring it on Normal.
Posted by ReDSHiFTD on 04 Apr 12 at 08:16
MeringueYeah, writing solutions for seemingly straightforward achievements can sometimes be a pain in the ass. Something like this is a "well duh" but at the same time there's so much behind that "duh". In that case I tend to just act that the reader knows nothing and break it down piece by piece. Maybe that's just a problem of my own though heh. The solution is looking a lot nicer now, and you are more than welcome to take any of my suggestions and paste em up there if you want.
Thumbs up.
Posted by Meringue on 04 Apr 12 at 14:09
NINja277U guys have any tricks for getting the final 1% on the boss in MTX, 3 times now Ive missed my gold star on hard because one little light (Im assuming) gets stuck behind the boss leaving me with only 99% purification. I already did it on easy and I dont miss any octolocks during the whole boss and finish it pretty quick. I had though maybe I was going too slow on the boss but I don't think that is the case anymore.
Posted by NINja277 on 27 May 12 at 16:41
ReDSHiFTDI had the same problem as well, and I figured out that the only way to make sure to have 100% in the end was to make sure you have 72% at the purple sphere part. There you might need to just spam A to raise the percentage. Check my solution for MTX. :)
Posted by ReDSHiFTD on 27 May 12 at 21:10
WaKK0rJust got it! All i can say is, as soon as you know when where which enemy appears, you only need to focus on keeping the x8 multiplier. Best advise for me was using my foot to keep the beat. Gotta admit i'm kinda sad my Child of Eden journey is over... This game was a blast to play!
Posted by WaKK0r on 02 Apr 13 at 20:10
itsa pumaaWould this possibly be easier with kinect since u only need 500000 to gold?
Posted by itsa pumaa on 18 Jan 16 at 13:35