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Sucker born every minute

Pay for a worthless tour of the world's largest bullet

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30 Mar 2012
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The way to get this 10gs for this achievement is get 8million dollars cause thats how much it costs and if you dont have 8 million kill the crawmerax and sell 1-8 guns depending on their price 1 gun can simply sell 9999999 so 1-8 is a fair amount now when you have the money go to the sunken sea and you'll spawn at a bridge drive down the bridge and take a left as soon as you go down ( or just drive along the bridge and you'll fall off onto some ground) and you'll see a couple of drifters( they look some what like spiders) once you pass them( kill them if you want) you'll see the worlds largest bullet go to the little villiage place it's in then go inside run straight to the door in front of the bullet there will be a little box with arrows pointing at it press X on it and the achievement will pop!