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Chaos Emerald

Get one Chaos Emerald.

Chaos Emerald0
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31 Mar 2012 06 Apr 2016
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Chaos Emerald - 10G (Original Achievement)

Difficulty: 3/10

To get this achievement you need to get 50 Rings on any stage and run past a checkpoint, right afterwards, stars will appear above the checkpoint. (I highly suggest creating a "save state" right here just in case you fail, so you can load up the game and try again.) Now simply jump into the stars to enter the Special Stage and go for the Emerald. Your goal is to collect the set amount of rings the game asks for on screen, before you reach the end. Once you do so, the game will ask you for a second amount of rings. After clearing that, the game will ask for a third and final amount of rings. After getting that amount you will receive your Chaos Emerald and this achievement. (Note: There may be black bombs in the stages so dodge them at all costs or you will lose a nice amount of your rings.