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Shadow Hunter

Accomplish 40 Stealth kills in any solo mode

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04 Apr 2012 29 Mar 2014
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Should anyone still be trying for this one, I found another easy way of doing this. At the end of the second proper level in the Instincts campaign, called 'native', you need to cover Val with a sniper rifle. This is right before you get captured by Crowe's men. To get to the sniper position you need to climb up some vines and you'll end up behind a sniper preoccupied with shooting Val. The game obviously prompts you to backstab him but what's wonderful about this is that you get a checkpoint right as you end up behind the sniper. Stab him in the back => reload checkpoint => proceed to do it 40 times.

If you downvote, please tell me why, so I can improve the solution.
OpproperaarTo whoever gave me a negative vote for this solution, I would appreciate if you could tell me why.
Posted by Opproperaar on 28 Aug 12 at 12:19
jordaUwUI also gave you negative.
Posted by jordaUwU on 11 Jun 13 at 21:03
OpproperaarYes, but why? I can't improve the solution if you don't tell me.
Posted by Opproperaar on 12 Jun 13 at 08:48
tazy1956It’s now 2017 and I can probably tell why those 4 gave you a negative vote. But in my option they where very childish as in principle there is very little wrong with your explanation. First of my checkpoint was straight after i climbed those vines and not right behind the sniper. But that’s only 2 seconds before you get to the sniper. And second, after stabbing the sniper you can’t reload checkpoint as the kill won’t count. You have to wait until they kill Val and then click on Load Savepoint. Now if you reloaded your checkpoint from the in game menu 40 times and not get the achievement i can understand that's annoying but i worked that out by myself anyway. So as i said it’s childish but as i did they should have known to let the game run its course and then just click on load savepoint. So I still gave you a positive vote. Hope this explain things to you
Posted by tazy1956 on 08 Oct 17 at 18:25
tazy1956Also this is a good location to do the Feral Warrior achievement. Just don’t get to close to the sniper this time. Just press B as soon as the promp for a Feral Punch comes up. Then wait for Val to be killed and klick on Load Savepoint. Repeat until the achievement pops
Posted by tazy1956 on 08 Oct 17 at 19:46