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Hit for the cycle

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06 Apr 2012
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Easiest way to get a triple.

-First pick a team with the fastest players possible.

-With a runner on first (ideally) or second, hit the ball to the outfield even if it's a simple base hit.

-Press and stay on the LB button to have both the base runner and hitter running.

-As the base runners moves around the bases the computer will focus on trying to get the lead runner out.

-While your lead runner is getting tagged at home plate, stay on the LB button and your hitter will make it to 3rd base without a problem.

-You can do the same for a double too, just stay at 2nd base instead of going to 3rd.
LAFTAGreat solution.
Posted by LAFTA on 29 Jun 12 at 23:24
CamTheeGamerWhile this solution is top notch, in reality it doesn't match the rules of baseball. Thanks for pointing this out because I never would have attempted it this way because when someone else is tagged out it's a fielders choice in real life, lucky not in this game though smile
Posted by CamTheeGamer on 01 Oct 13 at 13:45
toddycstBut hey, its about achievements, not about the rules of baseball ;
Posted by toddycst on 01 Oct 13 at 17:59