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All types of Diabolical Pitch used including the Union Ball

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Johnny SinisterJohnny Sinister1,423,864
06 Apr 2012
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As the description states, you must use all of the Diabolical pitches in the game for this achievement. There are 7 Diabolical pitches in the game.

Please note that the Union Ball pitch is only usable in co-op mode and requires two players to make the pitch work. You first need to play through the co-op levels until the cards become available. Like all Diabolical Pitches, you need to purchase both cards of the pitch to unlock it.

The rest of the pitches can be unlocked in Single Player, and become available after reaching certain parts of the campaign.

Whenever you select the pitch for the first time, you will enter a tutorial that explains on how to use the pitch. However, the tutorial pitch doesn't count towards your progress, so be sure to use one in a live game. Also, be sure to finish a level in which you first use the pitch, or your progress may not be saved.

Also, if you are going for all the other achievements, I wouldn't recommend spending money on the Diabolical pitches until you get all the more useful powerup cards first. I honestly didn't use anything but the Lightning pitch for almost the whole game, as I found it the most useful.