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100 Wins in DOA Online

Defeat opponents from around the world on DOA Online.

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10 Apr 2012 11 May 2012
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100 Wins In DOA ONLINE
You can gain wins with Winner Stays, Loser Stays.
You have to win 100 Regulated matches.
You cannot play survival to gain it 100 wins

Regulated matches are matches that you win fairly with out boosting with a friend. After a certain time your regulated matches will turn into unregulated matches if you keep playing over and over with the same people. You may continue but they will not count, and you wont get any xp either.

If you play with a certain player for too long your win score will add up but they will be considered unregulated games for playing with the same guy over and over. The problem with that is that you will have 135 kills. and you will not know how many are unregulated.

I recommend to wait 48 to 72 hrs (2-3 days) for it to not say unregulated if you must boost

I had 156 wins and it didn't popped that's because i kept playing with the same guy for fun.

No one knows the certain limit you can fight with the same person. I advise you don't do it too much.

The best way would be to get other players and do no more than 50 wins each
PrimeBigTimeWhen it changes to unregulated does it invalidate all the wins with that guy or only those after the point when you were labeled a booster? (so the first 50 or so let's say still counted)
Posted by PrimeBigTime on 05 Oct 13 at 22:09
Neptune DiamondIt's around 20-30 wins before the matches become unregulated, and it doesn't invalidate the previous wins, it just don't give you xp for the next couple matches.
Posted by Neptune Diamond on 08 Jul 16 at 17:28