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25 Sep 2009 25 Sep 2009
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It's a good game in short bursts, as it can get boring in long periods of play, but makes up with it in 4 player co-op. The online play could use some work, as there's no join in or join out co-op, nor can you start a match without filling all the slots. (you can change the amount of players slots, but if you start a 3 player match without finding a third person, it won't let you launch.) Another problem is you can't see what the host set his modifiers on before you join, and are actually playing the game, but more on the modifiers later. Over all it works well, but just not as well as it should.

Game play wise, It's a duel stick top down wave shooter. There are varying enemy types but nothing extremely new or different. It can get repetitive, as there are only 7 stages, no real challenge since you can just start off right when you continue (this is the major fault). and you fight the same boss a few times, but there are extras. Such as being able to use the chainsaw anytime to melee, and game modifiers.

There are game modifiers like Chainsaws only or black out. These can make the game more fun or like most of them, you'll try once and never use them again. Although, once you unlock turbo, theirs no going back to default speed. Sadly you can not mix and match the mods. There is an 7 days of hell modifier. Ala a mini 7 day survivor, supposedly its awhile to beat. Although I haven't tried too much of it too be sure.

As for achievements there weirdly paced, I unlocked 3 of them as soon as I joined and the match started, and 2 or 3 soon after. Yet beating the game and 7DH will take a bit to get. Although not too bad. I can see beating the game in a day.

Over all a good buy for 10 bucks. As long as you can take a bit of repetitiveness, that's eased with 3 other friends. Remember, if you can't take mindless waves shooting, don't bother buying it.
FistOfTheNEastYou pretty much state every negative in the game and still give it 4 out of 5? You havent identified any of the positives at all.

7 days of hell is a monster unless you have 4 players. I've been going through it with a mate and its taken us around 15- 25 minutes per day to get through. Although we did manage to get a 214 multiplayer on day 3 which was nice.

This is smash TV with zombies! There are 11 different weapons which you'll pick up at some point as you progress through the 55 days in normal mode (you'll also receive an achievement for using all of them). They are a machine gun and chainsaw which are your default weapons. There is also a flame thrower, shotgun, rocket launcher, grenade launcher, hunting rifle, gatling gun, molotov’s, dual wielding uzi’s and C4 teddy bear zombie bait, which draws them all in while spouting comments like "I'm filled with love... and C41" before blowing them all to shreds.

The enemies you will face range from bog standard zombies to nuclear zombies, there are also a range of different enemies which are pregnant zombies which unleash flying spawn that will come straight for you, side steppers, pukers, evil grannies who will throw knives at you, shotgun cowboy zombies, fat builder zombies and and kamikaze zombies who will run straight for you holding a stick of dynamite. (although a well placed shot will take out any surrounding enemies.

There are only 7 stages but they're all interactive and each area has 1 or 2 hazards which can be used to your advantage. For eg a crashed helicopter and its spinning blade which if you shoot enemies into will dice them up. More hazards include fuel tanks, electric wires, car crushers etc.

This game is extremely fun, but best played in multipayer mode. For 800 MS points I think its a steal and if you love smash TV this game in my opinion is a much improved version of it.
Posted by FistOfTheNEast on 25 Sep 09 at 11:20
DragonYenHow is the multiplayer handled? Can me and 2 other Gold members all play from my console with another gold member?
Posted by DragonYen on 25 Sep 09 at 12:04
Posted by SingleMomOfTwo on 25 Sep 09 at 13:07
The GlobalizerNice review. Fist -- you should write your own review, too! I found both to be very helpful.
Posted by The Globalizer on 25 Sep 09 at 14:42
Zee psoI did state some of the things you said, and the other things are quite common in the genre. I wanted to show how the full game differed compared to the things demo, and the full game. Since anyone interested in the game should play the demo, I wanted to show them if it was worth purchasing. Although I agree I should have stated some things more clearly.

Anyway I agree with The Globalizer, you should have made it a review :P.
Posted by Zee pso on 25 Sep 09 at 23:21
MastaGus7 days of hell = 15000 zombies!
Posted by MastaGus on 27 Sep 09 at 17:43
Pedle Zelnip"Over all a good buy for 10 bucks. As long as you can take a bit of repetitiveness, that's eased with 3 other friends. Remember, if you can't take mindless waves shooting, don't bother buying it."

I gave your review a thumbs up as I agreed with most of it, but it was this last paragraph that I disagree the most with. It's EXTREMELY repetitive, and as such, how can it be a good value? I don't think the game's worth 400 MSP let alone the 800 I paid for it. I expected a lot more variety than I got. Essentially I got the demo with a couple more weapons (which didn't change the game much) and a couple more enemies (which didn't do much to vary the experience either).

Unless you really love the demo, I'd say this one's a pass. 2/5 for me.
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 05 Oct 09 at 07:03
Nitoriismthe demo isnt like the real game it gives you so many weapons
Posted by Nitoriism on 29 Oct 09 at 21:19
MazraelThe demo was fun, but I find the full game just pure annoying, with all the 1 hit death dealing enemies - even with infinite respawns so it shouldn't matter
Posted by Mazrael on 17 May 11 at 03:14
Zee psoLooking back, i should have rated it a 3, lol. Could have went into more detail about some things to. Anyway, you live and learn i suppose. Always a next time.
Posted by Zee pso on 17 May 11 at 04:25