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Private First Class

Achieve the rank of Private First Class.

Private First Class0
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29 Oct 2008
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Will be one of the first achievements you unlock. If you have played the first Rainbow Six Vegas, then you should get this achievement when you first play the second one. If not, just play the campaign a little and you will unlock it shortly.
BonnieTheBigVigI have finished R6:Vegas 2, and almost completed the first one, would anyone know why this hasnt popped for me yet?
Posted by BonnieTheBigVig on 16 Jan 11 at 02:51
LydtsThere used to be a glitch where if you had gone past the rank of private first class before playing this game then it wouldn't unlock. This was fixed when the update for R6: Vegas 2 was released. Other then that I am not sure.
Posted by Lydts on 16 Jan 11 at 11:58
BonnieTheBigVigHey I just got it. I hadnt actually played this game in ages. years even. put it in downloaded an update and it popped at the title screen. done and its beer time
Posted by BonnieTheBigVig on 29 Jan 11 at 13:36
KnipfyI remember when I bought this game at launch, the achievement was glitched and since I already hit Elite in the first game, I started out at a higher rank. The achievement popped a month after the game came out because Ubisoft finally got the patch working to fix this problem.
Posted by Knipfy on 02 Jan 12 at 22:56