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Complete All Mojo Room Challenges

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13 Apr 2012 30 May 2013
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There is a total of 20 Mojo rooms, one per episode.

Mojo rooms are in every episode and can be spotted easily, they look like blue floating magic. Once you enter you will need to do a certain task, just complete the task and you will see "Well Done" pop up once complete, and you will be rewarded with a blue idol.

Mojo Room Locations

Lv. 1: Near the second waterfall, on the right, before the water.
Lv. 2: By Spybot 3.
Lv. 3: After the first tunnel, run along and jump across east ledges.
Lv. 4: At the SE corner of the bowl room.
Lv. 5: At the SE of the Rhinoroller area.
Lv. 6: After falling logs, to the right on path.
Lv. 7: East of Spybot 3, fall down.
Lv. 8: Before final chute, at the left.
Lv. 9: After the chute filled with slime, to the left.
Lv. 10: SE of the platforms leading to mini-boss.
Lv. 11: On top of east lockers in locker room.
Lv. 12: Left of conveyor belt behind the machine.
Lv. 13: Past the east room's coveyor belt on the right.
Lv. 14: Before Voodoo Bunny camp.
Lv. 15: After the first chute, to the right.
Lv. 16: After Army 3, in the tunnel.
Lv. 17: Ahead of Spybot 2, near Ee-lectric.
Lv. 18: Take left path at beginning.
Lv. 19: Go east after first set of Brat Girls.
Lv. 20: On one of the first platforms you run across.

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BSquad56only question is if I don't complete the mojo room, at the end of the level it gives me the option to retry the room. Does that still count?
Posted by BSquad56 on 04 Jun 13 at 23:20
BSquad56Ok i figured it out: If i don't finish the mojo room within the level I DON'T have the option to try again from the menu, I have to go back in the level and make it to it to try again. It only appears in the level menu after you've completed that mojo room, which is pointless.
Posted by BSquad56 on 26 Jun 13 at 19:06
Charlie LimaThanks! Hjelpes me find the last ones!
Posted by Charlie Lima on 14 Jul 18 at 07:54