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The Power of the Atom

Completed "The Power of the Atom"

The Power of the Atom0
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Ashen SeraphAshen Seraph780,863
29 Oct 2008 06 Dec 2008
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This mission is first acquired from the Sheriff Lucas Simms of Megaton by speaking about disarming the bomb. It ends when you either disarm the bomb and talk to him again or detonate the bomb with the device given to you by Mister Burke in Moriarty's bar.

If you want to destroy the town, you'll want to make sure you have completed all other quests from Megaton that you are wanting to complete. Obviously setting off a nuclear device will quickly cause you to fail most of those quests.
Jackso O GileadI recommend not blowing up Megaton. Since in the early stages of the game I use it as a base of opperations. You get your first home there and thier is a shop, repairshop and a clinic.
Posted by Jackso O Gilead on 29 Oct 08 at 19:41
Ashen SeraphIf you do blow it up, you get a sweet in Tenpenny Tower instead. Either way, it is the only place you get that you can call home in the entire game.

Personally, I wouldn't blow it up either cause there are a lot of quests that run through here, including several with achievements.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 30 Oct 08 at 15:40
AbylitiesFirst run through, Megaton is safe.

But you just wait for my evil run through.
Posted by Abylities on 01 Nov 08 at 00:31
DebedeenBlowing up Megaton isn't going to hurt you as far as quests go a long as you don't do it early in the game. I went through and did as many of the little side quests as I could, got my evil Sidekick Jericho and then blew it up. The "Survival Guide" quest remains intact with your contact Moira becoming a ghoul... so not a really big deal.
Posted by Debedeen on 18 Nov 08 at 14:10
ZeroThresholdFor the record, the explosive skill needed to disarm the bomb is 30, I believe. (35 or 40 if you wanna play it super-safe)
Posted by ZeroThreshold on 22 Apr 09 at 16:47
albajosActually I would recommend doing this misssion as the very last in the game, because then you can use this to get the evil Karma achievements easily. (Blowing it up every time) Just remember to save first, then you can "rebuild" Megaton.
Posted by albajos on 11 May 09 at 08:39
OneAngryJawaTalk to either Sheriff Lucas Simms or Mr. Burke (Moriarty's Bar) to initiate quest.

If you are playing as a woman, and have the "black widow" perk, you can charm Mr. Burke instead of either agreeing to or refusing to blow up the bomb (I then chose to disarm the bomb). Funny enough, Burke will even start sending you love letters through Moriarty!
Posted by OneAngryJawa on 24 Jun 09 at 13:30
onnovdwOops, Burke killed Simms and then I killed Burke ;-)
Posted by onnovdw on 12 Dec 09 at 05:05
Jorgen714Can this still be gotten if Burke kills Simms?
Posted by Jorgen714 on 11 Feb 10 at 18:14
AbmaOnlineYes the achievement can still be unlocked when Simms is dead, his sun takes over the quest (located in Simms' house). When Burke is killed, it is no longer possible to blow up Megaton (the game shows a warning), so only the option to disarm the bomb remains.
Posted by AbmaOnline on 05 Jun 10 at 11:56
Radient StarAhhh, I was about to panic because Burke killed Simms, but now I can go find his son and disarm the bomb! Thanks!
Posted by Radient Star on 16 Mar 11 at 03:48