Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review by jedimaster573

18 Apr 2012 18 Apr 2012
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After recently picking up this game in the bargin bin at a friend's suggestion, I read the reviews posted and found them to a bit inflated. This review is not intended to be as indepth as the others already posted, but just a bit more realistic in a few areas of the game. I found this game to be decent overall, but definitely not worthy of a five star rating.

The good:
1) Hard difficulty can be accomplished on your first run through for the average player.
2) MOST (not all) of the achs are fairly simple
3) mechanics of combat are very simple
4) levels have good variety

In the middle:
1) While the story and characters are somewhat interesting, they are by no means so epic to rate 5 stars. The game makes no attempt to explain how things came to be like they did. Finding masks provides flashback to the 20th century, but their significance (masks or flashbacks) is never revealed in a satisfactory way.
2) Trip - At times the story portrays her as a scared girl in need of help, but in reality she is the thing she is fighting against. She has enslaved Monkey against his will, then fails to keep her promise to release him when he does as she asks. I also found her bossy attitude and frequent "hurry up" to be quite annoying.
3) the Cloud hover feature is fun, but is limited.
4) Although the game saves fairly often, it doesnt necessarily count as your last checkpoint if you reload.

The bad:
1) The camera in this game drove me crazy. Most games have an auto center button, but this game automatically centers the camera. This made it frustrating when looking around & trying to examine your environment. It also seemed too close during some of the combat.
2) Enviromental traps on several of the levels will kill you instantly
3) Chase sequences on 2 levels are a pain, especially on hard difficulty
4) The 100% Tech Orb achievement is a real pain, even using a guide.

Again, this quick review is just meant to assess this game in what I believe is a more realistic manner. I only paid $10 for this game, so Im glad I played it, but I honestly dont think it is worth much more than that.
DaShAgyou forgot the mention the acting, which brings the story up to 5 stars
Posted by DaShAg on 19 Apr 12 at 16:55
jedimaster573@DaShag - as I stated in my review, the story was decent and there was some decent cutscene dialoge between characters. When I think of a game having 5 stars, especially in relation to story, it should be truly memorable and epic - stories like Knights of the Old Republic that has found a permenant place in the Star Wars EU and has spawned books and toys. If ANY aspect of this game was truly worthy of 5 stars, there would have been a sequel.
Posted by jedimaster573 on 19 Apr 12 at 19:35
Shinerbock88Nice review. I hesitate to read any reviews in fear of spoilers and this one doesn't have them. You get right to the point and cover the important aspects of the game. I'll definitely be checking this game out when I can find it cheap... maybe I'll add it to this year's Bean Dive.

As far as 5 star games, I agree. A game has to be pretty epic for me to give it a perfect score. However, I don't like the 5 star rating system and would prefer games (movies and books too) be rated on a scale of 100. There are many games for me that hover between the 85-95 mark and 4, 4.5 or even 5 stars don't convey that properly IMO. We just have more to work with on a 100 point system. Even a 10 star system would be nice.

Again, nice review!
Posted by Shinerbock88 on 20 Apr 12 at 19:41
PeteOzzyIt's a hard call to make. I certainly agree that the five star rating system is flawed. For me, Enslaved was an 8.5 game. To rate it out of five stars I either dock it a half or add one and a half. When I compare it to other games I've given 4 stars, it easily outclasses them so I have to give it the full five stars, whether it deserves it or not.

Another way of looking at it: The other games that have 3 stars (as averaged out through every user of TA) are Dreamworks Super Star Kartz, Spider-Man Friend or Foe, Blood Drive and Iron Man. I'd find it hard to believe anyone could say Enslaved is of the same quality as those, some of those were appalling games with none of the story, gameplay or atmosphere Enslaved had.

Still, it's an upvote from me, you covered all the bases and worded it well; don't worry about short reviews - many people prefer concise appraisals than boring reams of text. Just one small thing, saying that a game can't be 5 stars if it doesn't have a sequel is going to get you negative votes; Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, Bayonetta, Lost Odyssey, Castle Crashers, Mirror's Edge, Shadow Complex, Limbo etc. and there are so many more. Some games have reached their conclusions and don't need a cheap cash-in to show they're "worthy".
Posted by PeteOzzy on 22 Apr 12 at 12:48
jedimaster573@PO thanks for your comments. a 10 star system would probably be better. i will concede about a sequel. Just because there is a sequel does not mean a game is great, and certainly there are great games without one. A sequel does, however, usually indicate that there was enough interest in the first one to generate a 2nd, that was my only point about that. As far as getting negative votes for the sequel comment, I dont know why that would affect anything because it is not part of the review.
Posted by jedimaster573 on 22 Apr 12 at 13:18