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Head shot 10 enemies in a row during the Story Mode campaign

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Lozzy DentonLozzy Denton95,912
27 Sep 2009 28 Jan 2013
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The method posted by Jinutsu (which has since disappeared!) worked perfectly for me so I decided to make a quick video to show where to go and what to do.

The mission in question is "Killing Fields" (Chapter 8 I believe). When you gain control, pick up the sniper behind you. Climbing up the hill, you'll encounter 1 regular wave of enemies followed by a wave of minigun toting baddies.

Continue up the hill to a large archway, beyond which you'll see a small skirmish being fought. If you hang back away from the archway the battle will continue to rage. This allows you to quietly shoot the enemy heads bobbing along the ridge to the right. You can always pause and reload checkpoint if you have any trouble.

Mar 2011 edit: Video re-created in HD.
IxSILENTxIgreat video!
Posted by IxSILENTxI on 27 Jul 10 at 05:00
DecisiveGeckoVery helpful. :)
Posted by DecisiveGecko on 07 Aug 10 at 13:37
FaustianGreedGreat Guide Thanks Bro :)
Posted by FaustianGreed on 08 Feb 11 at 02:42
jjbmarksmanvery good just got this cheevo :D
Posted by jjbmarksman on 08 Aug 11 at 14:03
CHERRY CHEERIOSWorked perfectly thanks!
Posted by CHERRY CHEERIOS on 18 Nov 11 at 04:51
A 0 UB3RLOZ3Ryou couldnt say the level not everyone has a device that plays videos
Posted by A 0 UB3RLOZ3R on 17 Jan 13 at 23:21
Vakarian05worked flawlessly thanks man
Posted by Vakarian05 on 03 Mar 13 at 04:53
FivePartTrilogyI can confirm that if you miss a shot entirely, then it doesn't count against you. I hit my first 6 shots, then missed the next guy altogether, then got 4 more headshots. The achievement just wants you to string 10 kills by headshot in a row, so no need to stress if you miss a shot.
Posted by FivePartTrilogy on 21 Apr 20 at 04:06