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Combination Master

Defeat 300 enemies with combination attacks

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22 Apr 2012
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In order to earn this achievement, you must defeat three-hundred enemies with combination attacks.

For starters, a combination attack is an assault happening from you and the Majin at the same time. In other words, you both are finishing off a foe at the same time.

You and the Majin will have to hit an enemy together until a bar that's not full will come alive, on the bottom of the screen, urging you to hit the B button. DO NOT fill the bar all the way; that counts as a finish attack. Instead, just concentrate on getting plenty of hits in, from both, until the B button comes on screen.

You should be earning your combination kills throughout your playthrough. Hopefully, by the time you are done with this game, you should have the achievement. If not, the best spot to earn them would be in either Arkela Castle - Courtyard or Arkela Castle - Hall. If you need to respawn the enemies, just go to a Majin statue, pretend like you're going to change your costume, then exit out.

I earned my final 300th kill while farming for the achievement as the Arkela Hall - Courtyard, since it was easier for me to focus on one or two opponents at a time and it didn't take me long to get the achievement from that point on. Time-consuming? Yes. But worth it? Oh yes it is!

Have fun and good luck!
darkmikasonfireThank you for writing this, I usually look at the stuff over on xboxachievements, it was simply explained but no depth. I was afraid that if the combo killed the enemy it wouldn't count, now I know it counts as long as the bar isn't bright. Now I know what to do, I'm already at the halls killing the 7+ enemies (thanks to gold spawner), working my way up to 21/31 levels for the two characters, really close already, so I'll be working towards this after and during.
I do have a question though, if I charge someone with an element but it's not a element finisher does it still count? I tend to electricute everyone at once, then I do the B thing twice to kill two people and fill up the bar, then I do a finisher. Will it count those first two or does them being eletricuted negate it?
Posted by darkmikasonfire on 14 Feb 14 at 05:56
Metamania2313I think it counts as the first two
Posted by Metamania2313 on 14 Feb 14 at 06:00
darkmikasonfireI figured it out lol, yeah it counts even if they're hit by elements.
Posted by darkmikasonfire on 14 Feb 14 at 06:38
Metamania2313You're welcome and I'm glad that my solution to the achievement helped you!
Posted by Metamania2313 on 14 Feb 14 at 10:23