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Get a TD on a play longer than 30 seconds (Exhibition, 1-player, Standard rules, Veteran or harder)

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PHUTURE 909PHUTURE 909250,454
30 Oct 2008
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Easy - Medium: Get your team at around the 30yrd line. Hike the ball and burn as much time as possible. Once past 30seconds then pass to your receiver in the end zone. If you feel you can pass or run the ball for the TD before reaching 30sec w/ your QB, then go for it, just make sure you burn the remaining time. You don't need 30sec or more on the time clock to do this. You can have 20sec left and still get the achievement. Just count in your head.
Settings - (Exhibition, 1-player, Standard rules, Veteran or harder)
Mr J1mSo much of this achievement relies on what play the CPU calls on defence. If you don't get it straight away keep trying. You should get the right defensive call sooner rather than later.
Posted by Mr J1m on 29 Apr 09 at 17:36