Cabela's Alaskan Adventures Review by Scud1888

29 Sep 2009
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One of the most frustrating, ill-conceived, glitchy, wastes of a DVD you will ever have the misfortune to put into your 360.

Its hard to know where to start with a review of a game this bad, the graphics? It looks like a dodgy PS2 port. The gameplay? Boring and repetitive. Or just the sheer mind numbing awfulness that is Cabela's Alaskan Adventure?

The game is first and foremost a hunting simulation (using the term loosely) with side events such as fishing, dog sledding, "Special hunts" and duck hunting thrown in to round out the "Adventures" of the title. So being a FPS aimed at hunters you would expect them to get the gun mechanics at least to a passable standard, right? Spectacularly wrong! Bullets drop with gravity and wind resistance, but they also seem to like to take the scenic route on their travels, bending wanted-style around whatever you seem to want to hit, i would have thought missing a charging grizzly bear at 5 yards aiming down the sights would be difficult, i was mistaken. Armed forces around the world are also attempting to harvest the Alaskan Red Squirrel for body armour as they can apparently take up to five shotgun blasts without even slowing down!

Animal AI is terrible, often to escape you an animal not attacking you will run straight at you, making it an easy kill if your bullets dont decide to take a holiday. I saw a herd of sheep I was stalking take a suicide run into a river when they caught my scent. I found animals were less likely to spook if you came roaring up next to them on an ATV rather than sneaking up on them from downwind. Not to mention coyotes, wolves and lynxs are capable of killing you from 30 yards away.

If an animal does get past you and you have to run it down be prepared for even more frustration as you have to stop every 20 feet to let your hunter catch his breath. This is despite the fact he runs like he has lead in his boots to begin with. You'll also have the pleasure of listening to him puff and pant like he is smoking 40 a-day while your target merrily waltz' off into wild blue yonder. Bow aiming also works from this stamina reserve, so chasing an animal down if it requires a bow kill becomes even more of a drama as you get within range and find you cant shoot your bow because you're knackered from running.

The fishing and dog sledding should provide a welcome respite from the hunt and break up the monotony. Should but doesn't. The mechanics of both are so horribly broken they become a labour in their own right. When you catch a nibble in fishing you have a split second to push the analog stick in the right direction indicated on screen or else the fish escapes and you have to do it all again. In sledding you're supposed to avoid the obstacles or your sled wrecks, but collision detection is so bad you take damage from nothing, unless the boulders have been taking lessons from the wolves about ranged combat!

This game is a relatively simple 1000, which is why, i can only assume, so many people have played it, it has that in its favour at least. Completionists should beware though, open season hunting has a habit of glitching and not allowing you to collect trophies(kills) so, as in my case, the weapon master achievements are impossible to collect without staring a new career from scratch, with no guarantee it wont glitch again.

Not worth the effort or the single star I have to award it, awful awful mess of a game.
SingleMomOfTwoHahahaha I'm sad to say this game is on my Played Games list.
I am going to start following your reviews.
Posted by SingleMomOfTwo on 01 Oct 09 at 13:12
GhostLyricsThank you, I had a great time reading this funny review. I have to say that the ranged combat part is my favorite ;)
Posted by GhostLyrics on 03 Aug 10 at 20:18
LJParnellGreat review, it is a much better read after having played this game. It is so painful. The other Cabela games are a little fun (at least the ones I have played) but this one is just rubbish. I also don't understand how or why basically Nature is in an all-out war against me. I have been on real hunts before and animals run from me - even the predators - almost all the time. Yet in this game, I am sometimes constantly attached by waves of animals. It is like they have all been infected by the Zombie virus or something. Once again, great read and great review.
Posted by LJParnell on 03 Nov 11 at 21:59
EpicMountMost accurate review I've read in a long time. Should have read before I bought the game not after, but at least it made me smile.
Posted by EpicMount on 16 Jan 12 at 22:45
EarthboundXI think it must have been a joke on the developer's part to make the squirrels the hardest to kill.

I just got the Bow Master achievement, and it took me over 10 arrows to kill one squirrel.
Posted by EarthboundX on 22 Jul 12 at 04:31
EvilResidentUKhmmm, i got the game as wanted to try a cabela game, havnt started it yet and now not sure i want! easy cheevs sound nice tho, oh the agony of hunting achievements!!!
Posted by EvilResidentUK on 31 Aug 12 at 18:57
+1, this is almost as inept as Field & Stream in terms of hunting games that were programmed by apes with leprosy.
Posted on 27 May 18 at 18:02