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Complete all objectives for every mission on Operative difficulty.

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24 Apr 2012
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Using cheats you can obtain this just by playing through the first level.

Main Menu > Extras > Cheats Codes > Enter "Quimbecile" (without quotes). This will give you 44/44 stars in MI6 Ops and unlock all difficulties with all objectives acomplished on Operative and Agent difficulties.

Choose Dam from the mission select menu, choose Operative difficulty and run through the level. The achievement will unlock when you jump off the dam.

This will stack with the Operative difficulty if you want to save yourself an extra run.
evilknight23so I did this for the stars, didnt know it would do the objectives as well. I got it while doing a run through as soon as I beat the level I was on. Thx worked great
Posted by evilknight23 on 26 Oct 12 at 14:04