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First Xbox Live Rally Win

Win a ranked rally race on Xbox Live.

First Xbox Live Rally Win0
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Codehead UKCodehead UK293,842
30 Oct 2008 18 Jun 2012
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The online for this game achieves do not have to be done in ranked despite what it says in the description.

I got all three in private player match races. However, it seems that now you need to have at least two players in the match for the achieve to pop.
Deletable ManConfirmed you can get them in Private matches too, so grab a friend and have at it.
Posted by Deletable Man on 25 May 09 at 00:51
WicelowYeah, still working just got them on private matches.
Really easier that way !
Thanks :)
Posted by Wicelow on 29 Aug 10 at 10:46
ApexiosNeg vote; Tried both Player and now Private match and this will not unlock. Clean race did, but these will not.
Posted by Apexios on 11 Mar 11 at 13:20
ApexiosMy bad, just unlocked with help from purplecamel. Still no idea why it did not unlock for me but now have it.
Posted by Apexios on 12 Mar 11 at 12:29
Codehead UKNo problem. Say 'Hi' to Purple from me. Haven't spoken to him in ages.
Posted by Codehead UK on 14 Mar 11 at 22:09
LordSakuretsuworked perfectly in privateclapwe unlocked the cheev yesterday, thanks for the Great Solutionstoast
Posted by LordSakuretsu on 13 Sep 13 at 15:48
Racer 6981Looking to boost! Message me
Posted by Racer 6981 on 14 May at 18:51