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Ultimate Team Alliance

Completed 25 levels with 3 other players.

Ultimate Team Alliance0
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Codehead UKCodehead UK307,901
30 Oct 2008 24 Dec 2008
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You don't need 3 friends for this, just 4 controllers, even Guitar Hero/Rock Band instruments will do. Basically anything with a start button.

Start a level normally with only one hero on your team (use the team set-up screen to remove the others), then press start on the other controllers and select Co-op. The game will warn you that there are no heros available, but when you exit the level, the achieve will unlock.

This works for all the other multiplayer and arcade achieves too. Just make sure you kill at least 3 bad guys before exiting the level on arcade modes.
SecondHALONICKWhat do you mean 1 hero?
Posted by SecondHALONICK on 24 Dec 08 at 03:51
Codehead UKIn the screen where you choose your heroes, remove the last three characters, leaving only the first one in your party.
Posted by Codehead UK on 24 Dec 08 at 10:59
Codehead UKSolution updated.
Posted by Codehead UK on 24 Dec 08 at 11:00
Dude RainIn Stark Tower, walk from the main lobby to Iron Man's lab, and then return. Each time you go back and forth counts as a completed level.
Posted by Dude Rain on 27 Dec 08 at 15:30
Codehead UKCheers for that Dude, I've heard of that strategy, but could never get it to work. Will confirm and update the guide.
Posted by Codehead UK on 30 Dec 08 at 22:35
RunningFreak204Hello! i just got this achievement using my guitar hero guitars and drum! It worked like a charm!! Thanks for the heads up!! :)
Posted by RunningFreak204 on 02 Aug 09 at 03:23
Guan Two ThreeMy gf & I got this by using the instruments. Thanks for the tip!
Posted by Guan Two Three on 17 Jul 10 at 19:54
blue ice yetigreat tip thanks
Posted by blue ice yeti on 31 Jul 10 at 07:38
Creepsho88I was confused also about having "only one hero on your team". I removed the other 3 in the team set-up screen, but it wouldn't let me add the other controllers until I added 3 characters back to the team. I got the achievement eventually, going between Stark Tower and the lab, but not sure if you can do it with only one hero on the team, or if you can do it with only one hero as long as 4 controllers are connected and on.
Posted by Creepsho88 on 09 Aug 10 at 22:41
xl HoDawg lxI've tried the 1 hero method while my other 3 controllers were just sat in the menu when I signed them in and the achievement did not pop. But as soon as I had assigned them to heroes in the game the achievement popped
Posted by xl HoDawg lx on 12 Apr 13 at 00:00
MC PHILABUSTAI don't understand this and can't get it to work feel dumb have 4 controllers plugged in and don't see how to remove heroes :(
Posted by MC PHILABUSTA on 06 Sep 18 at 13:13
Lunatic LK47@MC Philabusta: Go to a character in the character select screen, press X to remove hero.
Posted by Lunatic LK47 on 07 Sep 18 at 07:03