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Dead Space

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Dead Space
Dead Space
One Gun

Beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter

One Gun0
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Ashen SeraphAshen Seraph741,230
30 Oct 2008 30 Oct 2008 12 Jun 2009
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Simply never use a different gun than you start with. It really isn't as daunting a task as it sounds considering that the plasma cutter is actually the most versatile weapon in the game. You can own the others just as long as you don't use them. Obviously, you'll want to max out the stats of the Plasma Cutter as soon as possible. You only need to worry about the stat increase nodes to max out a weapon. Only fill an empty slot if you need to in order to reach another stat slot.

If you wanted, you could use the New Game+ feature to load an already beaten save file to do this run through with an already maxed out weapon. This is completely unnecessary though as you should have the weapon maxed long before running into enemies that are overly difficult to beat.

If completed correctly, it should unlock just as the credits start to roll.
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II TITCH II you can aim another gun and still get the achievement so long as you don't shoot it
Posted by II TITCH II on 06 Jan 09 at 13:08
Ashen Seraph There isn't any reason to risk it though.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 11 Jan 09 at 08:32
ThePr0digalS0n do u have to start a new game or can u start a game over after u beat it and have ur pimp out plasma cutter?
Posted by ThePr0digalS0n on 14 Mar 09 at 22:00
Ashen Seraph To be honest, I don't know.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 14 Mar 09 at 23:30
Onza So this can be done on a second playthrough (using the previous end game save)?
Posted by Onza on 05 Aug 09 at 01:29
Ashen Seraph I can't see why not.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 05 Aug 09 at 02:00
a box of fish Are melee kills ok? I killed a guy right at the beginning of the game with a melee attack.
Posted by a box of fish on 15 Aug 09 at 18:50
a box of fish Ok reading someone else's solution it says you just can't SHOOT anyone with any other weapon.
Posted by a box of fish on 15 Aug 09 at 18:52
CliffyTheBeast This CAN be done on your second play through, as I just got the achievement 5 minutes ago. You can also have any gun you want out as long as you never shoot with it. Melee kills are fine.
Posted by CliffyTheBeast on 26 Aug 09 at 18:02
The RazL I recommend doing this on impossible. Not only do you knock out both achievements at the same time, but it's a pretty fun challenge.
Posted by The RazL on 31 Aug 09 at 00:54
The Stig DC Definitely not as hard as it sounds.
Posted by The Stig DC on 10 Dec 09 at 00:37
Negative ZZ You can do this on your very first playthrough. Thats what i did and it made it a funner experience. Melee and any other skills are fine, just don't shoot any other guns besides the cutter
Posted by Negative ZZ on 01 Feb 10 at 16:52
chrisw427 I assume its ok to use kinesis to throw those explosive canisters around?
Posted by chrisw427 on 22 Jun 10 at 21:36
Ashen Seraph Pretty certain the game would be impossible to beat if you couldn't, considering that many puzzles rely on it.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 22 Jun 10 at 21:44
Ryuukishi634 Yes, you can use DLC Plasma Cutters.
Posted by Ryuukishi634 on 25 Feb 11 at 19:37
Gremtiavlas i fired the line gun to see what it did but wasnt in the vicinity of any necro's so it didnt kill anything. will this mean i cant get the achievement?
Posted by Gremtiavlas on 02 May 11 at 21:47
Pukey UK Obviously Yes.... ^^^ *sigh*
Posted by Pukey UK on 11 Jul 11 at 14:51
CrankyBauer24 Like an idiot upon starting my 2nd playthrough i fired my Plasma Rifle than restarted , will i get it still ot did i ruin my chances ?
Posted by CrankyBauer24 on 08 Dec 11 at 00:44
RIVE XNGLE I am going to confirm that you are able to melee with other weapons.

When I started my second playthrough, I did not have the Cutter in the beginning and had to swing and stomp my way through the first chapter. It was quite annoying, but necessary.
Posted by RIVE XNGLE on 29 Feb 12 at 07:28
永遠の王hERetIXx Can this be done on any difficulty???? Any?????
Posted by 永遠の王hERetIXx on 18 Feb 13 at 09:18
Sandpiper121PP I used the Plasma Cutter thru the entire game and found it very easy being it is the best gun in the game in my opinion. After getting the achievement I went back and tried the other guns... and was not as impressed. wink
Posted by Sandpiper121PP on 10 Aug 13 at 18:10