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Kill 6 or more enemies with a pistol in a single match on a GRAW 2: CC map with 5+ players.

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30 Apr 2012 24 Mar 2014
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I was playing Locks by myself to finish the Co-op achievements, and ended up unlocking this one this way, completely unintentional.

So it looks like it does not have to be a CC map, but anyone would do. And like I said, I was alone, so you also may not need a full 5 players.

If anyone else can confirm this, it'd be appreciated.
Pablo315Confirmed. The 5 + players are not needed, same as for the "Untouchable" achievement. It does not always work as I've seen in Co-Op games with other players on DLC and disc missions. Somewhat glitched at times but as we both proved, can be done solo. Positive from me.
Posted by Pablo315 on 06 Jun 12 at 00:27
ImJoshinYallAwesome, thanks for the input. It's greatly appreciated, and helps to know that I'm not the only one to encounter this. :P
Posted by ImJoshinYall on 07 Jun 12 at 03:15
Sniper4488Confirmed. got it on locks by myself killed 6 people pop got the achievement! thanks Positive from me also!
Posted by Sniper4488 on 20 Nov 12 at 06:23
ImJoshinYallHa ha ha, thanks man, glad that it helped you also! So there ARE other people still playing this! :P
Posted by ImJoshinYall on 20 Nov 12 at 07:22
Mr GranstaffI'll have to try this out when I started playing this game. Thanks for the tip.
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 29 Nov 12 at 14:49
Mobius EvalonI can't get this to work. It's apparently arbitrary.
Posted by Mobius Evalon on 15 Aug 14 at 19:58
A DEAD B0DY MANYa same... I need people to help finish !!!!!
Posted by A DEAD B0DY MAN on 15 Jan 17 at 00:01
el tebyDidn’t work
Posted by el teby on 09 Sep 18 at 19:55