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Finish the game while playing at the Dark difficulty level.

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The HeapeThe Heape697,335
03 May 2012 14 Jun 2012
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Witcher 2 is quite a difficult game on dark but if you go slow and not try to blitz it to get it over with you can save yourself a lot of headaches. The hardest part is just getting thru the prologue honestly before level ups and upgraded armor.

With my strategy I was able to complete the entire game using only two types of potions, no bombs/daggers and no armor or weapon enhancements. I also recommend Roche’s path as I found it easier and there is an exclusive perk that is beneficial for late boss fights. I do recommend the side quests because they aren’t too hard and more xp means more skills.

As far as the skills go I used the swordsman path because that is what I am suited to, in act three I only used the Vitality increase on the Alchemy path and upgraded Quen on the Mage path.

The big benefits of playing on dark are the 3 exclusive armor and weapon sets on for each act. They are the best in class possible equipment so you need nothing else. You have to wear the full set miss one piece and your health will drain when your sword is drawn, if you have the full set you will receive a percentage of health from the damage you do and the screen goes black and white when the sword is drawn. These sets require tons of Orens and parts so grab everything that isn’t bolted down, if you become overweight drop the cheaper heavy items like weapons or Iron ore etc.

I am going to detail how to get these, perks/abilities to look out for and any particularly tough battles you will encounter on Roche’s path. If you have any tips for Iorveth’s path please leave them in the comments.


The Enhanced edition came with some better armor (Blue Stripes jacket)so equip it right off the bat.

In the camp destroy the five training dummies near the dice player. These will be the first of 10 to get the Experience perk which will boost your experience gain by 10%.

Although it’s painfully slow it can be beneficial if you use fire runes or the Igni sign to burn yourself in one of the campfires 15 times for the Pyromaniac perk to give yourself a 20% in your chance to incinerate. Make sure to fully heal and save every so often so you don’t accidentally kill yourself and have to start over.

Once you’re at the solo part with the ballista this is the true test of Dark just land a hit and roll away use your Quen sign as a buffer and use Aard on shielded enemies. That will pretty much be the strategy for the rest of the game so get used to it. If you come to a group that is too hard just use a swallow potion when you go back it’s the only potion I ever used in the game.

Make sure you head to area far behind the ballista and find Altaïr to get another perk, Assassin for 25% more damage when you hit from behind, do this before you interact with the ballista.

When you get to Aryan La Valette talk him out of fighting this is the first step to the Strong Back perk that gives you 50 more weight capacity, the last part is helping him out of the prison at the end of the prologue.

Just take it slow on the way to the temple and keep up Quen, Aard, one hit, roll technique.

ACT 1 –

Stay under Triss’ magic umbrella at the beginning for Cover which will give you a 10% damage reduction bonus VERY helpful.

The rest of our five training dummies for Experienced are here. You’ll find two by the non-human exit to the forest, two upstairs in the barracks behind the gallows (make sure you sheath your sword after destroying one or the guards will attack you), and another two are in Loredo’s compound (agree to killing Iorveth to get access).

When you run across a trap in the forest disable it while he is doing the animation use your medallion (click the left stick) about 5-10 times for the Sapper perk this gives you a 50/50 chance to avoid damage when you set off a trap.

When talking to the merchant use the Axii sign option to double the payment for killing the Kayran when you come back to collect you will receive the Haggling perk that will take 20% off items in the shops. Which bring me to…

The first set of Dark mode armor and weapons can be bought from the dwarf blacksmith in the back of town it is the Blasphemer Set you will require 2511 Orens to make and the following items:

4x Amethyst Dust
5x Diamond Dust
5x Endrega Hide
2x Endrega Venom
16x Hardened Leather
16x Iron Ore
8x Nekker Claws
9x Nekker Teeth
20x Robust Cloth
12x Silver Ore
20x Studded Leather
5x Timber
4x Twine
2x Yellow Meteorite Ore

So if you have an item not on this list or it’s not needed for the other act’s armors set it you need every penny. Rob every house and then grind the monsters in the forest for surplus parts. The robust cloth and studded/hardened leathers are not worth crafting so don’t buy the schematics for those, if your short you can buy them at merchant stalls and just wait 24 hours for a restock. Everything can be found or bought for all the in all the acts but please save extra supplies in your storage chest or whatever for the other acts equipment, you don’t want to get screwed out of Orens.

The Kayran isn’t hard I didn’t use the trap and forgot to use the Ostmurk potion just dodge and you’ll be fine.

When you go with Triss to the Elven bath deny that ho some sweet lovin’ for the Resistance to Magic perk which you guessed it gives you a 20% decrease in damage taken from magic attacks.

Now Letho my first rage inducing moment in the game the key to this guy stay away dodge his Igni and Bombs wait for his Quen to go down. Once it’s down hit him with Aard hit him with 2-3 HEAVY (X) strikes (quick strike barely scratch the guy) then repeat steps one and two.

ACT 2 –

Make sure to pick up a Draugir Armor Fragment from the intro to this act otherwise you will be waiting a long time for this act set of armor. Best way is to defeat them in the circle and collect the goodies before you destroy the wraiths to move on.

This acts armor is the Oathbreaker set can be bought from the Quartermaster’s Assistant in the tent (Roche) or the elven guy in the market of Vergan (Iorveth). The set needs 5026 Orens and the following items:

7x Amethyst Dust
2x Blue Meteorite Ore
3x Diamond Dust
1x Draugir Armor Fragment
4x Essence of Death
18x Hardened Leather
6x Harpy Feathers
16x Iron ore
20x Robust Cloth
14x Silver Ore
20x Studded Leather
5x Timber
10x Twine

You know the drill sell everything you don’t need. Harpies are good for farming lots of loot.

After fighting the Golem in the kingslayer’s hideout and the one in Vergan you will get the David perk gives you a 10% boost in damage to creatures larger than Geralt. Awesome for the dragon in Act 3 although too late for the Draug. That’s ok because…

Draug fight so criminally easy it’s embarrassing. Run toward him throw down a Yrden (trap sign) after he’s stuck roll behind him and hack away with heavy strikes you will ignore his armor and go straight on health. If you see him duck down and shout he’s probably going to bomb the field with arrows or meteors so make sure you have a Quen up and don’t stop rolling although they usually are death sentences just keep him close and it shouldn’t happen.

The king and his men try to trap them in the doorway ajoining the rooms and use the Aard, one hit, roll, Quen strategy.

ACT 3 –

Armor set can be bought from the guy you turn the gargoyle quest into, it needs 7985 Orens and the following items:

2x Blue Meteorite Ore
1x Dragon Scale (can be found in Phillipa’s house immediately after you tell Roche you want to talk to Radovid. Make sure to talk to the guards at the door. Two doors left of the Radovid door.)
4x Elemental Stone
2x Essence of Death
9x Gargoyle Dust
28x Hardened Leather
8x Harpy Feathers
2x Harpy Saliva
18x Iron Ore
4x Leather
26x Robust Cloth
14x Silver Ore
8x Studded Leather
4x Timber
1x Troll Tongue
12x Twine

The only real place to grind here is the gargoyle areas and the Temerian square if you sided with Roche.

The Dragon last real challenge of the game strike once and roll away, keep the Quen up. You have come this far don’t try to rush it with too many strikes or she will mess you up fast.

Don’t be a hero let Letho walk, lol. If you must fight him you can pretty much use the same strategy as Act 1.

That’s it you did it, round of applause for you magnificent bastard. Please leave any helpful comments or constructive criticism below.
XxFatJesusxXGreat solution! I destroyed the 5 training dummies, then waitied a few minutes and they respawned giving me the perk right there.
Posted by XxFatJesusxX on 05 May 12 at 17:33
The HeapeYeah I had tried that tons of times and it never worked for me so I left it out in case others have the same issues I did.
Posted by The Heape on 05 May 12 at 20:38
WattMadeBest place to grind orens is at the hut with candles. The harpies do not disappear. Kill four of them, run in the circle, run back out and four more will appear. Rinse and repeat. Make sure to do this till you have enough for the oathbreakers set and kinslayer.
Posted by WattMade on 07 May 12 at 14:50
ObsuleteIf your smart with your money, avoid needless buying and avoid the first suit you should be able to afford the Oathbreaker and Kingslayer suits without having to farm, at least that is how it worked out for me, even managed to snag the 10,000 oren achievement on the third chapter.
Posted by Obsulete on 09 May 12 at 03:06
IlysiumIn Chapter 2 you can also keep arm wrestling for 100 Orens per turn if you don't want to farm harpies. I racked up a lot of money that way.
Posted by Ilysium on 21 May 12 at 06:30
VermigsFor Letho in Chapter I, I found casting Yrden and kiting him onto and then wailing on him with heavy strikes worked better than hitting him with Aard and then the heavy strikes.
Posted by Vermigs on 13 Jun 12 at 01:18
MagnumZeroMaking Hardened Leather is cheaper than buying it, but you need a lot of leather and oil to do so. Leather isn't hard to come by but oil is...sort of. Go to Anezka(chap 1) and buy the Blade Oil Formula to use alchemy to make Oil. It requires 5 ingredients but in Chap 1 you should have plenty of plants to harvest around town and such.

With some extra oil and twine you can make Studded Leather from the Hardened Leather as well. It's not worth it to make Robust cloth though so just buy that or find it.
Posted by MagnumZero on 13 Jun 12 at 12:22
Angelr1pperYou should mention that you have to talk to Roche and then talk to the guards, to be able to get into Phillippas house.... The house is locked until you talk to the guards. It was terribly frustrating.
Posted by Angelr1pper on 14 Jun 12 at 00:02
Angelr1pperThanks for updating the solution. I wish I could vote though haha. I have the EU version, and most guides are so much better for the american version. I used whetstone against the dragon, I had a really hard time with him, I had saved it in case I needed it and it made the fight so much easier. I was level 34 on roche's path, and I had the kinslayer set and everything but I did no damage and died instantly. With whetstone I did way more damage to him. So that's how I killed the dragon. Add it if you want. Cheers.
Posted by Angelr1pper on 14 Jun 12 at 23:24
VermigsAlso just to add, Chapter III can be done without the Kinslayer outfit. It's a bit harder, but if you've been playing smart up until that point you'll be fine. Just getting this out if someone doesn't have the gold for all the diagrams and remaining crafting pieces and they don't feel like grinding for the coin (like myself).
Posted by Vermigs on 15 Jun 12 at 06:05
The HeapeYeah all the outfits are completely optional, I think the dragon was the only part of act 3 I actually had the suit. These are there in case you are having trouble and need help.
Posted by The Heape on 15 Jun 12 at 15:27
Leo AscendentIf you focused on magic, igni (lvl 3) works well, worked faster than the hit and run method.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 08 Jul 12 at 23:48
Leon KowalskiUnlike XxFatJesusxX, even though the initial five training dummies respawned, destroying them the second time did not give me the perk. Before the first 5, my XP was at 50; each one got me 1 more point. The second set of five did not give me any experience. I even tried using the steel sword the first five and the silver sword for the respawned five.
Also at the end of my first game, running up out of the ampitheatre to get the dragon, Geralt automatically drew his sword -- I failed to notice it was the steel sword until I was atop the tower! Once I switched to the silver sword, I was way more effective... duh!
Posted by Leon Kowalski on 26 Oct 12 at 03:48
BlueDragonRRKingslayer Outfit isn't really necessary, in my opinion. I did just fine with the Oathbreaker Outfit. As long as you take every battle with caution, you will be able to breeze through this game. The Dragon fight is a challenging fight simply because of the one hit kill by the dragon (two if you are using Quen). I recommend dodging a lot, using Quen every chance you get, go for the fast attack to close the distance and the slow attack to deal a bit more damage.
Posted by BlueDragonRR on 03 Dec 12 at 09:17
Crimson DrifterDon't bother with the Kinslayer outfit, totally not needed. Ch.3 is so short, its not worth the hassle and as long as you have Lvl.3 Quen for the Dragon, armor wont really make a difference as you will have it up at all times.
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 15 May 14 at 17:47
madmaxeyTotal thanks! Dark Mode was pretty easy once you get blasphemer set in chapter 1 and oathbreaker set in chapter 2.
Posted by madmaxey on 21 May 14 at 18:42
P33MannIs it possible to play through the game on easy and finish on dark for the achievement?
Posted by P33Mann on 17 Jan 15 at 21:48
Andy D 32+1 from me. Esp for the tips for drug. Killed him in 7 hits!!!
Posted by Andy D 32 on 08 Mar 15 at 09:43
I spammed the a attack button.
Posted on 05 Apr 15 at 21:38
JayD101Lol well this is going to be a lot easier than on Steam when the game originally came out, this achievement was originally beat the game on the hardest difficulty without dying... ever! Only myself and 0.01% of people had that I was so proud! You lucky lucky bastards :) Never the less this is a great guide nice work, I've been saving the 360 version of the Witcher 2 to play the week before the Witcher 3 comes out, I'm so excited it's finally one week to go! Hope you are all as excited as me to the Witcher 3! Yay can't wait! +1 mate!
Posted by JayD101 on 11 May 15 at 06:07
Zephyrz InfernoAfter playing games like Dark Souls, I thought that Dark difficulty wasn't that bad. If you can Attack, Roll, Attack, Roll you will get this achievement. The only advice I will give though is about the special armors. All of the pieces you will find, in abundance, except for Hardened leather, Studded Leather, and Robust cloth. These you will have to buy, and they are hard to come by in chapter 2 and 3. The walkthrough author mentions that having the diagrams and crafting them yourself isn't worth it, but you will find the parts needed to make craft them so many times over that I felt it was worth it and saved me time in the end, especially because Chapter 3 is so short. So as soon as you have enough money to buy what you need for the first armor, then buy the diagrams and craft from what you find. It's worth it even if the armors aren't exactly, if you upgrade Quen.
Posted by Zephyrz Inferno on 17 May 15 at 14:32
runemaxIs there a way to get the 2 Blue Meteorite Ores for Kingslayer if you didn't buy it's diagram in chapter 1?
Posted by runemax on 03 May 17 at 02:04
Doktor ZeitWow I never knew about the visual effect when using dark mode swords, I finally saved up enough stuff to make all of the blasphemer equipment and the visual effect was a huge buzz kill. Ended up reloading a save and not even bothering with the swords. You can still wear all the armor pieces without being affected by the curse, I'm in chapter 2 now and the game is still pretty easy even without using the dark mode swords.
Posted by Doktor Zeit on 10 May 17 at 02:48
Dragonborn GearThis game on Dark was actually a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I think I only died just wen I wasn't careful. The only reason I am really commenting is because I love your "Don't be a hero" bit. lol. I used the walkthrough, and after first going through the game on Normal, I think I got a pretty good feel for it. Side note: Letho was super easy. He is really easy to bait, which prevents him from using quen and you can just get a few heavy hits to his back. With Caerm, a couple of fire runes, a few potions, and a whetstone, he was a cinch. I feel like he was harder the first time you fought him or I got better at baiting because he only used Quen to start the match and never used Aard, which was really annoying the first time.
Posted by Dragonborn Gear on 29 Dec 18 at 01:29
Neo YggdrasillIt's almost trivial, there wasn't anything that gave me serious trouble. Kinda wanna mention that you don't really need to get the last outfit at all, I would've needed to grind another 6000 orens after I had already grinded 2000 in chapter 2 but it really didn't matter. I just replaced the swords when I got ones with 50+ damage.
Posted by Neo Yggdrasill yesterday at 11:17