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Use flares to light 15 zombies on fire.

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Found an even easier way to get this, you can end up getting it before you even get to the lift. I'll start out by saying it must be in one play through. Another tip is to quickly backpeddle or crouch when you set a zombie on fire so you can carry on using the flare. Using the invincibility cheat makes this a lot easier. It's LB, Up, RB, Up, LB, LB, Up, RB, RB, Up. Nothing will happen so you'll have to hope it worked.

Load up the level "Lowlife" on Episode One and When you get the to first area with all the zombies sprint past them and go into the door which leads to the locked door, open up the vent as fast as you can and when you look across to a dead body there's a flare there, save here and then pick it up and go back out the way you came in and there should be 2-3 zombies coming through the corridor, crouch and try to set at least 2 of them on fire.

Now in the next area where there's a metal cage where you grab your shotgun and pistol there's another flare in there, turn the power on and save here, take the flare to the door with the car in the way, drop it, hit the car with the Grav Gun pick the flare back up and get 3 of the 4 zombies outside of here. NOTE: One of them is lying down in the corner and looks dead but isn't. You should now have 5/15.

After the combine zombie or "Zombine" kills himself save here and then run outside towards a door with a fuel canister next to it, next to that is another flare, try and get as many of these zombines as you can and if the flare gets hit pick it up ASAP and get flaring some more zombies. Watch out as zombines are pretty suicidal.

In the next place where you got to turn the power on there's another flare. Save here, Turn it on and pick up the flare, try to get outside because if you get blocked in it's a lot harder and then try to get as many of these zombies as you can, you should at least get 2 of these.

Keep playing until you get past the area where you plug the antlion holes with cars, you should be now in an area with ankle high water, save here, run past all of the zombies and go upstairs, to your right there's a flare, grab it and rush back downstairs and get as many as you can. I got my achievement here but if you need 1/2 more keep playing until the elevator/lift section.

For the elevator/lift section just memorize the flare spawns and save before you kill anything. If you haven't got it by now just reload an old save and keep trying.
drabikThis guide is awesome!
Posted by drabik on 10 Apr 10 at 07:14
Razorbak86Man, that is an awesome guide! Trying to get this achievement using other methods was extremely annoying. Your guide made it easy. Well done!!!
Posted by Razorbak86 on 25 Jun 10 at 03:53
Calex dEUSJust doing this my self , great guide thanks, however for the section "After the combine zombie or "Zombine" kills himself " there are actually 2 flares here !!!!!!!if you look facing towards the flare mentioned and turn to the right there is a white van with another flare in the back, this should help boost the kill count, I finished that section with 13/15
Posted by Calex dEUS on 27 Jun 10 at 21:13
Phil the guyGreat guide! And Calex is correct about there being two flares after the "Zombine" killing himself. The second flare is in the back of a van on the opposite side of the tunnel from where the first flare is.
Posted by Phil the guy on 08 Jan 11 at 16:33
JimEsqThanks for this, easily picked this up on my first try.
Posted by JimEsq on 22 Mar 11 at 04:33
o Heres Jonny ogreat guide many thanks
Posted by o Heres Jonny o on 22 Mar 11 at 10:16
This guide is perfect. Thanks a lot!
Posted on 19 Jun 11 at 18:57
LGS I HitmanDoes this all have to be in one go of the level?
Posted by LGS I Hitman on 23 Jun 11 at 20:45
HERKONE29Awesome guide!!Cheers Mate!!
Posted by HERKONE29 on 20 Apr 12 at 19:08
MugenKairoExcellent, very succinct guide. 2 thumbs up!
Posted by MugenKairo on 17 Jun 12 at 03:24
BroaGiving thumbs down because of lack of information. Doesn't bother telling people that they're like 5 - 8 zombies you can kill after the ankle high water, making me restart thinking I wouldn't be able to get it. And fails to update his guide with the fact about the second flare in the white van. Got me frustrated for nothing.
Posted by Broa on 25 Jul 12 at 21:36
English GamerrrNot enough info? There's 7 paragraphs.... you can never please everybody.
Posted by English Gamerrr on 27 Jul 12 at 16:13
CookedPickleFinally! Thanks to your run down, I finally got 15. Cheers.
Posted by CookedPickle on 16 Sep 12 at 21:30
Akirakorn5-8 zombies after the ankle high water my foot! (pun intended)
I only had 6 after that, and easily got the other 9 waiting for the elevator, with a couple zombies to spare.
Posted by Akirakorn on 16 Feb 13 at 17:57