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Hide and Hope

Complete a level without being shot a single time

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Set the difficulty to cadet and play the prologue ( TIPS IN BOLD )

Start the mission by shooting the guy in the street, make your way to the courtyard and kill the two guys, LIGHTLY PRESS LT AND HALF SCOPE THEN, go to the corner and crawl underneath the wood to evade tank (You do take a little bit of damage from the tank and the truck but this does not affect the achievement as you wasn't shot) after taking out the truck stay to the right hand side behind the brown box, withdraw your Thompson to kill all the guys that come in the door, I counted a total of four people once you have destroyed the truck, there are still people above you at this point but they do not matter, Sprint across the road and up the stairs, run through the door to the left making your way to the next section, there are two snipers in this area so take cover immediately. TAKE COVER TO THE LEFT HAND SIDE, AS THERE ARE ENEMIES SHOOTING YOU FROM ACROSS THE STREET YOU RAN ACROSS. Now back to the achievement, after you have taken cover there is a sniper to the left hand side over in the distance. The way I found best to take him out was to stand up and walk back away from the cover don't jump out from cover. Take him out and then take cover again, identify the next sniper and take him out then take cover again. Taking your time once again, take out the remaining guys on the floor, SHOOT THE EXPLOSIVES, vault over the wall run towards the marker. Hopefully this would have netted you the achievement

Thanks allot. If any of you lovely people get stuck using this please message me
eHeadachesI used this solution, had to reload one checkpoint when the four men came into the room with the stairs just after blowing up the jeep but that was because i was being a coward and hiding at the back of the room, I was a man about it the second reload and stood just out of the door way and blew them away as they came in, ran over the road, got into the back room leaving the snipers in the street take out the 2 snipers and the four on the floor, over the wall achievement unlocked. I used your other solution for the ricochet headshot so double +1 today!
Posted by eHeadaches on 26 Feb 15 at 17:06
mike cupcakeat the end you can vault over the wall and run to the left+forward without killing the enemies on ground level. (might be that even those last two snipers are unnecessary)
Posted by mike cupcake on 22 Dec 16 at 23:35