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100 Kills With Melee

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ICECLlMBERSICECLlMBERS240,105 240,105 GamerScore
16 May 2012 24 May 2012
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You must use the Y button to initiate a melee beat down, using the RT will not count towards the achievement, although it will in the grinds section.

Meleeing is done by pressing the Y button when close to an enemy. You will enter a mini cutscene where you grab the enemy, steal their weapon and shoot them in the face by clicking the Right Trigger

Best area to get melee kills

Make sure you are playing on easy

In Chapter 4 Checkpoint 5 run straight ahead and melee all of the enemies in this area and press start and reload checkpoint. Yes stats do count if you reload checkpoints. Hope this helped.

This can also be earned in Multiplayer


This achievement is apparently not unlocking for everyone directly at 100 kills, so keep getting kills and it will eventually unlock not too long after.
LegendaryMarvelIt is worth mentioning that this can also be done in Multiplayer. I have only played the MP so far and I have this achievement. All you need to do is press Y when close to an enemy and you'll do a melee, most of the time it is an insta-kill.
Posted by LegendaryMarvel on 17 May 12 at 17:35
JGoDzzz1RT next to a guy also works. That's how I got it.
Posted by JGoDzzz1 on 17 May 12 at 19:16
DisguisedMikeFor some reason the achievement doesn't always unlock after 100 melee kills, I can't say what's causing this but if this is happening to some of you, just keep doing kills, I unlocked the achievement after 132 melee kills.
Posted by DisguisedMike on 18 May 12 at 00:50
ClaytThaGreatmy achievement popped at 116 --- whew, was getting scared for a moment there
Posted by ClaytThaGreat on 18 May 12 at 02:59
General ArcaneI got the grind medal at 100, but it actually took about 108 before it unlocked. I'd say it had something to do with pressing RT as opposed to Y, since that's how I got most of the (very few) I got on my first playthough, but JGoDzzz1 doesn't seem to have had that problem.
Posted by General Arcane on 19 May 12 at 17:34
The DauntlessMine didnt unl;okck until 131 kills (per the grinds tracker) ... how odd.
Posted by The Dauntless on 20 May 12 at 15:33
RaTheArchitectGot it at 111 good guide though
Posted by RaTheArchitect on 20 May 12 at 17:51
Peruvian Poppygot my achievement at 122
Posted by Peruvian Poppy on 21 May 12 at 21:28
Snow BrigadeGreat method, unlocked it at 107 melee's. I also dove backwards into the stairwell that you spawn in to record the 8 second shootdodge.
Posted by Snow Brigade on 22 May 12 at 22:07
KillaKevin24Great guide, got mine at 102.
Posted by KillaKevin24 on 23 May 12 at 13:37
WyndoIt didn't unlock for me until 133 meele kills. It might have something to do with the RT versus Y as was mentioned, but I'm not sure. I almost exclusively did melee with RT through the whole game (maybe a couple of accidental Y's). After going well over 100 and looking at this information, I switched to Y and after 2 more kills I got the achievement. So whether it's related or not, there's definitely something messed up in the tracking in-game for that achievement.
Posted by Wyndo on 23 May 12 at 15:50
WyndoBut most of my RT ones were recorded, else it would have taking me nearly 100 more to get it.
Posted by Wyndo on 23 May 12 at 15:50
IbanezLewisI got mine after 111 melee kills. Great place to do it, thanks for the guide.
Posted by IbanezLewis on 23 May 12 at 16:13
OdadjianActualGreat method. Though you should really mention in your solution that the reason everyone is getting the achievement at above 100 is because sometimes they used RT to initiate the melee instead of Y.

This is really important to specify that RT melees don't work for this achievement.
Posted by OdadjianActual on 24 May 12 at 01:49
ICECLlMBERS@Lord0dadjian I noted in the solution to use the Y button (: thanks for the feedback everyone
Posted by ICECLlMBERS on 24 May 12 at 04:47
MajorAmok103 cheers
Posted by MajorAmok on 29 May 12 at 18:47
Clash Mother113, thanks again
Posted by Clash Mother on 01 Jun 12 at 17:32
Clash Mother113, thanks again
Posted by Clash Mother on 01 Jun 12 at 17:33
Benn1eI got over 100 melee kills in multiplayer in one match and also have the 100 kills grind and still nothing. Help please
Posted by Benn1e on 02 Jun 12 at 00:06
EPvWI did this on Chapter 1 Checkpoint 2. Run up to the 3 guys knock them out and do the same to the 2 guys inside the apartment. It unlocked on 110 kills.
Posted by EPvW on 07 Jun 12 at 15:28
Crimson RidleyI used RT to kill all of my enemies with melee. It didn't unlock at exactly 100 but I didn't need to use Y. Mine also unlocked by pressing RT on a guy that was on the guy, where Max will just kick them to death.
Posted by Crimson Ridley on 09 Jun 12 at 08:59
rangersfan414102 here
Posted by rangersfan414 on 09 Jun 12 at 23:47
Skanker irl120
Posted by Skanker irl on 10 Jun 12 at 08:12
Ninja Scroll119 =/
Posted by Ninja Scroll on 26 Jun 12 at 04:00
RSDAY130. definitely used RT for most of them..dont think i got enough in multiplayer for them all to be "Y" melees
Posted by RSDAY on 27 Jun 12 at 22:20
RareWhiteTRASH106 and done. tanks'a'million.
Posted by RareWhiteTRASH on 05 Jul 12 at 20:09
Highlandergreat spot there was like 8 guys there and mine unlocked at 122
Posted by Highlander#1985 on 15 Jul 12 at 14:49
Blazed Soul102 mine unlocked on :D
Posted by Blazed Soul on 18 Aug 12 at 18:49
Hanrec2I got mine at 111 melee kills at this spot, I finished the game with 11 and did the rest in 10 minutes, thanks.
Posted by Hanrec2 on 14 Sep 12 at 22:47
FAH fl0pI went back and used the checkpoint mentioned for this and the grind, but i didn't have to use Y i used RT, and mine also popped at about 110ish so its just the game.
Posted by FAH fl0p on 08 Nov 12 at 04:33
DeeskoolI voted negative because this solution is wrong. This is a multiplayer achievement only! It popped at 100 exactly.
Posted by Deeskool on 12 Dec 12 at 03:16
ICECLlMBERSNo it's not, then how did I get the achievement in single player? it counts for both SP and MP.
Posted by ICECLlMBERS on 12 Dec 12 at 07:15
DeeskoolWrong and you lie.
Posted by Deeskool on 13 Dec 12 at 13:58
hamm sandwich112. Thanks
Posted by hamm sandwich on 16 Dec 12 at 11:21
Canadien BakinMine popped at 100 Melee Single Player Grind and 100 Melee Multiplayer Grind. Had to get both to 100 to get it to pop.

Think this might be Multiplayer Only.
Posted by Canadien Bakin on 12 Jan 13 at 16:45
ICECLlMBERSNope, it unlocks in SP where a majority of us unlocked it.
Posted by ICECLlMBERS on 12 Jan 13 at 17:28
DANgerous MavuThumbs up. Perfect solution. Ignore anyone who posts rubbish in the comments. I haven't played online and mine unlocked 120 something-ish. The game is a tad glitchy.
Posted by DANgerous Mavu on 23 Jan 13 at 00:27
XebuDefinitely works with RT as well, didn't use Y at all until Grinds showed about 105. Popped at about 108.
Posted by Xebu on 03 Apr 13 at 21:12
jukemateGot mine at 122, you might wanna start using Y after 110 if you use the RT often
Posted by jukemate on 10 Apr 13 at 21:44
joshpwnManaged to get mine at 140, thanks dude. Thumbs up!
Posted by joshpwn on 23 May 13 at 13:21
Poopdog M60Riot102 as well
Posted by Poopdog M60Riot on 14 Sep 13 at 08:35
FoolsAndKings110 ... just got it today ... thanks for a great solution
Posted by FoolsAndKings on 19 Nov 13 at 15:28
SDeafLGhostGI unlocked it at 106.
Posted by SDeafLGhostG on 23 Jun 14 at 12:32
"You must use the Y button to initiate a melee beat down, using the RT will not count towards the achievement, although it will in the grinds section.". Wrong, RT works fine. It's also the second time I've unlocked this achievement via RT.

Considering that there are various melee animations in this game; just go for 100 melees where you're forced into an animation; one where you also get to shoot the enemy. My achievement unlocked at 110 (according to the "GRINDS" section) "Melees". However, I know at least 10 of those weren't from that particular melee animation. The "GRINDS" section counts any type of kill via a melee; not just the one which goes into a longer animation.
Posted on 29 Sep 15 at 10:34
StalfosedChecking in with 112 melee kills when it popped for me.
Posted by Stalfosed on 24 Mar 18 at 02:48
NMANOZ105 for me using Y.
Posted by NMANOZ on 24 Aug 18 at 09:27
loco alien 505Mine unlocked as soon as I hit 100 melee kills in the multiplayer.
Posted by loco alien 505 on 26 Jul 21 at 21:03
Sgt Steve EsqStrangely enough, popped at exactly at 112 for me as well. Just a heads up, 100% of my melees were done with RT, 0 with Y and it still counted. Still positive for the rest of the solution!
Posted by Sgt Steve Esq on 28 Jul 21 at 05:12
HeatCreedMine unlocked at 130 as well. Pretty much all RT melee kills.
Posted by HeatCreed on 10 Sep 21 at 17:56
THE DEADLY DOGThose RT kills will definitely throw off the counter. Awesome solution!
Posted by THE DEADLY DOG on 23 Dec 21 at 16:05