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The Bourne Conspiracy achievements

The Bourne Conspiracy

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There are a maximum of 49 The Bourne Conspiracy achievements worth 1,545 (1,000)

38,865 tracked gamers have this game, 8,561 have completed it (22.03%)

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Posted on 17 May 12 at 03:16
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If someone is somewhat of a movie buff there is no doubt in my mind that you have seen the masterful Bourne franchise starring Matt Damon. Most of us know that movie tie ins make for sub-par games but the question is does Sierra continue that trend or do they buck the trend.

The first thing that I noticed was Sierra was unable to get the likeness of Matt Damon. For me Matt Damon is Jason Bourne but just to be fair I am not going to hold that against this game.

The graphics are good for 2008 when the game was made. The surrounds are good enough to not take away from the game. Most of the enemies you encounter look alike depending upon the level. Many of the enemies will be wearing a mask so it is not to distracting.

The action sections are what takes away from the game the most. There are many times you will be without a gun through the game so when you encounter an enemy you will be fist fighting.

There are several issues with the fist fighting portions of the game. The main problem is every fist fight is exactly the same, even the boss fights. If you try avoiding an enemy the game will still force you to fight, no matter how far away from them you are. Also if your in a fist fight and you get to close to the enemy you will be forced to fist fight which will get you killed because if there are multiple enemies the remaining ones will shoot at you and you cannot shot back. The second issue is that when fighting the camera angles are a nightmare. There will be many times either you or your enemy will disappear from the screen or you will be stuck with a top view. It makes it difficult to block when you cannot see the person fighting you.

The gunfights get boring too, you can have three different guns throughout the game. No matter which gun you have there is a single dot for you to aim with. There is no zooming in to get more accurate. Getting headshots is very easy, which is a good thing becuase if you do not get a headshot it will take at least 5 rounds to get the kill no matter what difficulty your playing one. Another issue is that when your in a gun fight your physical movements are very slow. I have died many times becuase I couldnt get him to move fast enough behind cover.

To help save us from the poor combat they added takedowns. There are shooting, fist fighting and running takedowns. You will not get many running takedowns but luckily there are not any achievements tied to them. Every fist fight you get in you will be able to use a takedown to finish it off, which speeds things up a bit. Each takedown takes you to a mini cut scene, there are plenty of scenes to watch but after about two levels youve seen them a couple times.

There are also plenty of QTEs throughout the game, the looks of them are well done and the response is better than in most games featuring QTEs. For me they detract from many games but they were done well enough they actually added to the game.

There are plenty of collectables to look for in the form of passports. They do not add anything to the game but they are easy to find so they are not as annoying as many other games.

The achievements are easy an well thoughout. There is the normal achievements like find collectables, beat each level and for completing the game on all three difficulties. There is a glitch that makes them easy, which means only one playthrough is needed. There are several achievement you will have to grind through and with a game with poor repetitive combat it gets old quick.

At the end of the day there is a lot of potential with the decent graphics and the addition of takedowns but the poor repetitive combat takes the fun out of this title. Luckily the achievements are not to hard or there would be little reason to play it with much better shooters on the market.