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Create 10 Custom Routes in Route Creator

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07 Oct 2009
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This is a pretty easy and quick achievement to obtain. All you need to dois create and save 10 custom routes.

1) When on the main menu press "START".
2) Navigate on over to "Playtime".
3) Select "Route Creator" from the bottom.
4) Select "Create A New Route".
5) Choose a city to create the route in.
6) Start the route editor by pressing "A" on the black and white chequered flag.
7) Now select one of the yellow round icons that appear.
8) Continue to select different yellow icons until a yellow and black chequered flag appears.
9) Now click the black and yellow flag to finish the track.
10) Now all you need to do is press "A" to "Accept and Save" the route.
11) Give the route a name or use the one that pops up.
12) Now repeat this 9 more times.
Huub Hermanscool tip
Posted by Huub Hermans on 19 Apr 10 at 19:18
Once again...positive from me.
Posted on 13 May 10 at 07:40
LeedethEven faster, you can press Left Bumper to generate a random route and the achievement will still unlock.
Posted by Leedeth on 31 Jul 11 at 05:07