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100 Kills With Melee

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19 May 2012 15 Aug 2012
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Chapter XIII - Checkpoint 2

Just keep meleeing all three of the guards. To mix things up, melee the first guy, take cover at the door, blindfire the sap in the back, and then run around the corner and melee the closer guard in the office. This can get you so many different grinds, I maxed out the melee because of this. Hope this helps!

Edit: The achievement will not unlock at the 100 mark, for clarification. However, it's not a big deal at all, for you just keep doing it until you get it. I put it at around 110. If you get the platinum grind for 150 melee kills before this, I am lost on what to do for you.
JPG30i like this method better, the other one i kept dying, mine unlocked on 107.
Posted by JPG30 on 23 May 12 at 21:46
Rheinadleri popped it at 104
Posted by Rheinadler on 29 May 12 at 12:06
wolfzero01used this method, unlocked for me at 113.
Posted by wolfzero01 on 04 Jun 12 at 22:22
Posted by Deeskool on 12 Dec 12 at 03:17
MaurickShepherdWhat is wrong about the solution that I can aid you with? I can understand 110% if you're frustrated, I hate it when a guide doesn't work for me.
Posted by MaurickShepherd on 12 Dec 12 at 14:21
DeeskoolThis is a multiplayer achievement only.
Posted by Deeskool on 13 Dec 12 at 14:01
MaurickShepherdThe achievement is attainable in single-player for sure; all other players I have discussed with have earned this in single-player. You may be able to earn this online, but I cannot confirm outside of the TA icon that states it can be earned "Online/Offline." Hope this clears up some fog, this achievement is a bit buggy!
Posted by MaurickShepherd on 13 Dec 12 at 14:30
Iceman2pnt0Good checkpoint location, this solution really helped me out.
Posted by Iceman2pnt0 on 15 Aug 14 at 19:56
efbehI got it long after 150 (felt like +30 or so). Beacuse in the beginning I have done multiple melees on one enmy. Don't do this, use the first melee and finish him off. So if you got 150 already, don't give up. Sonner or later it'll pop!
Posted by efbeh on 13 Sep 14 at 12:33
Julz D 01Gave up on 200 something...
Posted by Julz D 01 on 24 Dec 14 at 04:50