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Fully upgrade all weapons

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This is a pretty tough achievement to get so be prepared for the long haul. This achievement requires you to upgrade all weapons three times each. The weapons are: Garand, Thompson, Gewehr, Springfield, BAR, Karabiner 98K, Stg 44, M12 Shotgun, MP40, Colt .45, and C96 Mauser. You also have to upgrade the three types of grenades (Gammon, Frag, and Stick) as well as the Panzershrek and Recoilless Rifle.

My suggestion to start is to just tear through the game on whatever difficulty you want, but Casual is probably the way to go for most. By the time you beat the game you will probably have fully upgraded about 5 weapons. Go back to Operation Husky (the first level) and play it over and over again to fill up the rest of the ones you can. Unfortunately a few weapons are only in certain places and these are the toughest to upgrade. Remember that you HAVE to reach a checkpoint for the upgrade to keep valid if you die.

1. Recoilless Rifle: Located only in Operation Neptune. Taking out the tank helps big time.

2. Panzershrek: Located in Operation Market Garden (on the bridge) and Der Flakturm. Try to get kills in groups.

3. C96 Mauser: Very tough to upgrade because it is found in Operation Varsity in a safe. You can only use it in Varsity and Flakturm. The gun isn't very powerful and enemies take quite a few shots to take down. This can be very tedious. Try hard for headshots or melee kills. I found that Der Flakturm works best because the enemies tend to group up.

I also found the Frag grenades tough to upgrade because you tend not to get extra after running out. Try to get groups as individual kills barely make the bar go up. I found Operation Neptune the best for these because you get quite a few and the enemies are in enclosed bunkers and can be easier to kill with grenades.

*Please see comments for additional tips provided by commenters*
Drachen77Excellent recommendations. Thanks.
Posted by Drachen77 on 04 Jan 11 at 12:14
SiouxWarrior9Where do you find the Panzershek on Derflakturm?
Posted by SiouxWarrior9 on 19 Nov 11 at 18:35
Drachen77SiouxWarrior9, I believe once you enter the super structure. About 3 or 4 levels down guys will show up with them. Once you kill them you can pick up the panzershrek. If I remember correctly, there is also one in a small room that you can drop into and I believe you can kill some guys with them on the roof of the building. (I apologize for not being more clear, it's been a long time since I've played.)
Posted by Drachen77 on 19 Nov 11 at 20:37
Dang3R GamingJust saw this today and might be worth mentioning in the guide even though it has been up for a while
The Recoilless Rifle can also be found in Der Flakturm its risky to get but will get a lot of kills
When parachuting down to the base of the tower if you look away from the tower its the closest building on the right side and has a Recoilless Rifle on the top or 2nd to top floor
Posted by Dang3R Gaming on 02 Aug 12 at 07:20
matdanFun Fact: Expert Commendations (Final badge for a weapon) don't need to save to count for the achievement. I have my Recoiless Rifle at 2 stripes but still got the achievement.
Posted by matdan on 03 Feb 16 at 16:56
AruakaPlay on Casual difficulty. For the rare weapons, when you are down to one shot , equip the weapon and use melee. The same goes for the grenade kills. Equip the grenade, play an easy mission (husky), and just melee enemies.
Posted by Aruaka on 02 Oct 17 at 02:30