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A Clash With Evil

Defeat the Round 1 boss without using the 8-way Shuriken Attack in Revenge of Shinobi.

A Clash With Evil0
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24 May 2012
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An easier technique is to set the game to 'Easy' difficulty in the options menu at the start of the game, then when you reach the boss, select the 'Jitsu of Mijin' and use it on him, then follow it up with a 'Jitsu of Kariu' attack.

To select the different special attacks, press 'start' then select left or right to highlight the one of your choice. To use it, press 'X'

Note: While you do lose a life by using the Mijin attack, you don't have to restart the boss battle
JayourThis worked perfectly, thank you!
Posted by Jayour on 09 Jun 12 at 11:14
Posted by MattiasAnderson on 13 Jul 14 at 23:59
PhillipWendellWorked for me too. I couldn't change the attack until I got killed. FYI for anyone else wondering how to change the attack.
Posted by PhillipWendell on 16 May 18 at 03:19
Achilles1883Tried so many times to do it then found your guide. Legend. Thank you.
Posted by Achilles1883 on 19 Jul 18 at 12:09