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Stayin' Alive

Accrue 15 Extra Lives

Stayin' Alive0
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09 Oct 2009 10 Jun 2011
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On Episode 10, when you reach the weird scientist's tower-thingy, you'll be forced to jack a Sludge to jack the Scorporilla in the center of the room. When you are that Scorporilla, you can run around and kill the spawning Sludges (that won't stop respawning until you destroy all the metal machines). Keep killing these until you get enough of those weird experience bubbles to give you enough lives to get the achievement. (It took me about a half-hour, but I got the "Where Did All The Time Go?" achievement on top of that.)
Ben no SenseiWorked really well, because Sludge only loses big mojo balls. Also works with Sludge costume and jacking sludges if your out of scorporillas.
And the sludges still respawn if all the machines got destroeyed.
Posted by Ben no Sensei on 25 Apr 10 at 16:00
lX CaptHowdy Xlweird experience bubbles to give you enough lives = MOJO lol
Posted by lX CaptHowdy Xl on 12 Mar 11 at 13:53