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It Begins

Completed the prologue.

It Begins0
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26 May 2012
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Achievement: It Begins - 5G

This achievement is story related and cannot be missed. This achievement requires you to complete the prologue of Dragon's Dogma.

As you start the game you will be starting out as The Arisen, and you will be accompanied by your pawn allies as you venture forth to fight the Red Dragon. During the prologue you'll learn and understand the basic control, fighting mechanics, and unfolding story the game has to offer.

As you progress you'll then face your first mini-boss, the Chimera. It is composed of 3 individually controlled enemies: A snake tail, a goat back, and a lion body. Each of these parts will fight you with variety. For combat you'll want to deal with the Snake Tail as it pours poison on the floor which does passive damage. The goat back would be the neXt target, and the lion will be easy killing for last. Once you've killed the Chimera and moved on a cut-scene will ensue.

Once the cut-scene has completed the prologue and net yourself with 5G!