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Stayin' Alive

Accrue 15 Extra Lives

Stayin' Alive+0.1
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26 May 2012 26 May 2012
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Ok by far the easiest way to make tons of lives, the just 15 lives needed for achievement or if you want to make some extra for any other level that is been hard for you to pass.
Requirement: need to pass the Mojo Room on level 6 at least once.
Mojo Room #6 On a Roller!
Mission: Defeat all enemies before time runs out
Time: 80 seconds
I have tried all the other 19 mojo rooms to compare which one is the easiest and more effective.

This Mojo Room is pretty easy because it only brings 3 Rhinorollers. Just jack the first one and head for the other 2 without hesitation.
Now the peculiar trick in this that most of the time at least one of the Rhinos have (2x) big mojo bubble and then head fast for the barrels to make lots of mojo and right away direct your rolling Rhino to the super Big Mojo Container on the right that it is only opened with the destruction of a Titan. Note that I always would leave the minions for last since their amount of mojo is not that considerable. The great news is that this Big Mojo Container also includes a Golden Apple which means an extra live. This doesn’t happen all the time as well as in the other solutions posted here. I have tried all of them and the Golden Apple doesn’t appear every time, I played all the game on hard maybe that might be the reason that it doesn’t repeat every time. Now I have notice and tried to make a lot of sense of the combination that make that apple appear most repeatedly because there is two kinds of Rhinorollers a dark and a golden one sometimes it comes in 3 of a same kind and sometimes combined 2 to 1. I didn’t needed more than 20 lives for the last 4 episodes. Then you rinse and save automatically getting out of the mojo room and repeat getting back in the same place. The best part of all is that time in the mojo room will be much less than the 80 seconds that it last to accomplished it so for the achievement it will be a really fast and easy way to get the 15 lives here. Good luck and have fun.