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Own All Vehicles

Own all of the vehicles in career mode.

Own All Vehicles+0.3
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Codehead UKCodehead UK307,958
02 Nov 2008 16 Jun 2011
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Getting this takes quite a bit a cash, and Dirt has a bit of a gotcha built-in. Once you win a race at any given difficulty level, the prize money drops for that level and all the ones below. So, If you do all the races at Amateur, you'll lose most of the money that could be won at Rookie and Clubman.

Working up through the difficulties on each race maximises your cash generating potential, this also gives you plenty of mileage towards the 1000 miles driven achieve.

Also, don't be afraid to have a crack at Pro Amateur and Professional on the Crossover races, you can get $75,000 for coming third and one of the guys is normally really slow, even on Pro. Again, once you have won a prize, the money drops. Even the second and third place prizes.
AzHudsonAlso worth doing is on the am pro and pro levels, to finish 3rd, then 2nd and then 1st as the prize money will stack. Also helps with the drive 1000 mile chievo
Posted by AzHudson on 07 May 09 at 00:01
ema08bk....and don't bother to waste your money at liveries. There is no achievements for them.
Posted by ema08bk on 15 Jun 11 at 10:50
halohoggThe money system is not as bad as described above. I was able to complete about fully half the single player at Pro Amateur only, purchasing the minimum vehicles as needed along the way. Only at this point did I start to complete multiple rounds of the same race at Clubman, Amateur, and then Pro Amateur. And even then, I only did it for the few races that required funds to purchase new vehicles that showed up in those classes. If I started a race where I already owned all the vehicles, I only raced it once at one difficulty level to get the win and move on. Once you've made it to the top tier, you will have had enough cash to purchase all the vehicles, including the last Colin McRae R4. I was also able to easily purchase all the Liveries, just to pad my stats.
Posted by halohogg on 13 Aug 19 at 17:32