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Dance Commander

Surrender to the music in 'Nightclub'.

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This achievement takes place in the Barcelona chapter, on the mission Nightclub.

This is a miss-able achievement if you don't know to stop and get it.

Just after the beginning of the level as your following the linear level design you'll come to a large room. Once you enter this large room with the bright lights and music, and noticeably the people dancing, make your way down to the floor after speaking with one of the waitresses offering you bootleg vodka; on your way to find the General, in order to meet with Zukovsky. Stand on the dance floor area while you see your screen moving from side to side; uncontrollably. Don't touch the controller, the achievement will pop after about 45-60 seconds of being idle.

*A little FYI, the song is called "I Remember" by 'deadmau5 & Kaskade'... if you were wondering. (The song is also on deadmau5's "Random Album Title" CD.)
eHeadaches+1 for including the song name and title, I knew it instantly when I heard it, but if i hadn't of know then I would have been looking. I <3 Deadmouse
Posted by eHeadaches on 22 Dec 13 at 15:56
nodiiAlso +1 or the song name. Cheers.
Posted by nodii on 11 Feb 18 at 21:42