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Score over a 1,000,000 in Stunt Run

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23 Aug 2008
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Wildboy WileyThanks so much for opening TA member's eyes to this video. I never thought I'd get this achievement, but I finally did it...Thanks to you!
Posted by Wildboy Wiley on 21 Feb 09 at 06:54
RandomnuttaGlad to hear this aided you =D
Posted by Randomnutta on 21 Feb 09 at 10:40
The Fury I84IThumbs up for this one. Did it within a couple of tries :)
Posted by The Fury I84I on 23 Feb 09 at 22:41
AbylitiesCheers Nutta, this was perfect.
Took me a few tries to be honest, but easier than other methods I've seen.
Posted by Abylities on 01 Mar 09 at 21:39
CHUCK N07715awesome ty
Posted by CHUCK N07715 on 22 Mar 09 at 09:17
StoodBridgeCheers, worked for me too. But took some tries.

Thumbs up.
Posted by StoodBridge on 12 Apr 09 at 14:02
Cer3bra1Asassinwhy do morons vote negative on stuff like this
Posted by Cer3bra1Asassin on 01 Jun 09 at 23:52
URZAS EL RONINI havent tried to get this achievement but with this video I DONT SEE A PROB POSSITIVE!!
Posted by URZAS EL RONIN on 20 Dec 09 at 04:15
Bendall 117thx alot man this made the achievement very easy still took a few tries but i got and a big thx to Rooster Teeth for the video
Posted by Bendall 117 on 03 May 10 at 09:43

what car is used in the vid?
Posted by CaptainAde on 06 Dec 10 at 10:21
CASS190684Brilliant! Thanks heaps for this! +1 from me! :)
Posted by CASS190684 on 03 Apr 12 at 00:36
NEOGZA 4everHey man. Such a nice guide brillant idea that saved me time an despair. Wouldnt think how About how To get that one before. Thx again
Posted by NEOGZA 4ever on 29 May 19 at 05:21