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31 May 2012
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In episode 4 after discovering your name (by talking to Hurley) and gaining access to Swan Station you will be locked inside.
Wait until you get locked in and the beeping starts and a door near where you start opens.
Enter the room and use the computer in the middle of the room, entering "4 8 15 16 23 42" (don't forget the spaces) and finish with the "execute" key.
The achievement is yours

I messed this up because none of the guides mention to use spaces and i didn't assume i had to
troyoyI tried with spaces and without and I die. Then I checked this site and see I am doing it right. Not sure wtf is going on with my game. Anyone eles have a problem with these #`s not working? Do you have to get one of the fuse panels working first with the right voltage?
Posted by troyoy on 03 Dec 13 at 16:15
Jenova20Try looking at a YouTube video.
Unfortunately i'm unable to help as i haven't owned the game for over a year and don't remember the specifics

Good luck
Posted by Jenova20 on 06 Dec 13 at 21:25