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Perfect GAM3

Beat I MAED A GAM3 without dying once.

Perfect GAM3+0.2
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Eric FiltroEric Filtro470,242
01 Jun 2012
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My first advice on this game would be to go to the Mega Game Creator. Take a picture of anything fun (like some Star Wars figures) and use them to replace the original enemies. The reason for this is that some enemies are small and others will divide into smaller particles, making it very hard to hit. If you replace the original enemies with random pictures you took with your phone, the enemies will be square and big, making it way easier to hit. Plus, it's more fun.

My second advice is in regards to the weapons. You can choose whatever you like, but I find it easier to use the Green Spread Gun and the Flame Thrower. The shotgun is not too bad if you are fighting enemies from afar, but it's got a lower firing rate, which is very dangerous when fighting enemies that are close to you. So my choices are Spread Gun, Flame Thrower, Rapid Fire, and Regular Machine Gun, in that order.

There's something going on with the game that I find you can also take advantage of, and that is that if you keep firing, enemies that hit you from behind or the sides, automatically get killed. So I recommend never to stop firing when you have enemies close to you or surrounding you. This works best with the Rapid Fire and the Regular Machine Gun for some reason. As long as you are firing, enemies that tap you will die. If they hit you repeadetly, though, you'll die. So my advice is, never stop shooting when you are getting surrounded or if you are in a level where enemies pop up or come in fast from the sides.

Always shoot everything so you can get more power ups. Always go for the Shield and the Speed. If you have a shield you are invincible and you can touch enemies and kill them. But be careful as it lasts only a few seconds. I am under the impression that Shields do stack up, although it sometimes doesn't feel like it. Each shield lasts about 8 seconds, but it seems like you get about 4 or 5 more for each additional one you get, so I recommend that if you have a shield and you see another one lying around, just stand beside it until your current one goes away or is about to go away.

The Green Grass level is very straight forward. Shoot everything and always try to stock up on the weapon you like most. If you see a good power up lying on the floor, stand next to it and wait for your current weapon to run out, then change to that other weapon. There's no need to keep replacing one weapon with another as you lose all your ammo. When more enemies come out, try running around in circles bordering the edges. The Regular Machine Gun is not so useful when you have long lines of enemies behind you or in front of you, so in these cases you'd be better off with the Laser, Missiles, or Shotgun, as you can take lines of enemies with one shot.

Then comes the Checkered level. In this level I try to stay in the middle and go for the Spread Gun. The Snakes are dangerous and you'll thank me for the picture trick I told you before when you fight these, as their original heads are small. Pay attention to the music as enemies will pop up aggressively at a certain point.

Next comes Space. A lot of people suggest that you should not fire at all and try to evade incoming enemies. I tried this and never got passed this part. I then started to shoot at everything I could, mainly focusing on just one side and then switching to other sides if needed, and it went much much better. The reason why some say you shouldn't fire is because enemies split into other ones, but with the picture trick, it's a lot easier. Besides, if you don't kill enemies, you don't get power ups, and passing this part with the Regular Machine Gun and no Shields, is hard. So my advice is to keep shooting at one particular direction, move as little as possible, go for Shields and Spread Gun of Flame Thrower, and just turn if you see enemies coming from a different side.

Concrete. This is pretty much like the first part, only that the enemies are stronger and you get a few snakes too. Stay away from slow firing weapons. Enemies are stronger so Regular Machine Gun will take a long time to kill enemies. Don't be overwhelmed by the amount of enemies. If you have a good power up, they will go down fast. And don't be afraid of getting cornered either, you can take out a whole line of enemies pretty much with any power up.

Green/Lights stage. Stay away from slow firing weapons. Move in small circles and stay in the middle firing in all possible directions. The diamond enemies move fast and if they hit you from behind and you are firing your weapon, you'll probably get away with it, so don't stop firing.

The last too levels are just too hectic to come up with a plan. Just use everything you learn. My overall advice for this game is:

- Always fire. It will protect you from some hits from behind.
- Always go for shields and power ups.
- Walk in the direction opposite to where you're firing. This will come in natural once you start playing.
- Stand by shields and power ups so you can replenish once you run out (unless it's the same type of ammo).
- Use the Mega Creator to change the enemies.

In general, just keep trying and look for that perfect game. Once I died with only 30 seconds of game left. Other times I just die in a couple of minutes. It's all about practice and persistence.