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Suicide Missionary

Complete all campaign acts on Insane Difficulty

Suicide Missionary0
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14 Oct 2009 28 Dec 2009
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Don't have a friend to play with? No problem!

You can actually do this quite simply alone with two controllers and two profiles, and still unlock the "Friends with Benefits" achievement at the same time. This method also works for the "Two for the Road" achievement.

Simply set up a local split-screen game with your main profile set on Insane and the other one Casual difficulty. Once the game starts focus on playing with your secondary profile, Dom, which is set on Casual. You'll need to make sure that your main profile, Marcus, is in a safe spot throughout the game.

This is easier said then done though, but not as hard as it might sound. As a first note remember that several times during the game Marcus will "teleport" forward as Dom progresses, so you'll need to reposition him frequently. Once Marcus teleports, pick up your primary controller and hide him behind some cover, preferably as far away from enemies as you can.

This is easy throughout most of the game, but impossible during encounters such as when fighting Skorge or as Jack sets up the beacon in Act IV. It's been a while since i did this, but I'll try and give you a few pointers as far as my memory serves.

Act I (Hotel and Rooftops) - As you split up, press RT to do Rooftops with Dom. You'll need to kill a few enemies with Marcus here as well, but most of them can be reached from the other side as Dom has a Mortar to blast them with. Not that hard really.

Act IV (The Beacon) - Where you need to protect Jack as he sets up the beacon, simply walk Marcus behind the large pillar to the northeast of the circle in which the beacon is to be activated. He'll be safe there during the entire fight, including when the Reavers attack.

Act IV (Skorge) - Prepare for a few deaths. What I did was to put Marcus in the bottom left (southwest) corner of the room. It is however likely that Skorge will throw Ink Grenades at him, so you'll probably have to pickup your other controller and move him over to corner on the opposite side of the room. I did it in 3 tries, so its doable.

This method works perfectly and saves you from having to find a partner. If i can do it, you can do it. However it does require some patience, though I still think its faster than with two people playing on Insane.

If you've got questions, feel free to contact me on LIVE.
PatsredsGreat guide, I'd thought of this, and was wondering how realistic it was to think I could do this method. Clearly it's realistic and can be done! Thanks!
Posted by Patsreds on 29 Jul 10 at 13:01
vSullyHow do you do the part with the debris wall in the rock worm? Seems like you wouldn't be able to run fast enough with both controllers =/
Posted by vSully on 08 Oct 10 at 16:39
Varnish 47You are able to alternate controller in order to avoid the wall of debris. It is however a trial and error process, as it will take a little while to figure out how long you can run with one controller, before you have to shift to the other. From what i remember, it took me about 20 minutes to figure it out.
Posted by Varnish 47 on 21 Dec 10 at 06:58
finallife6pretty orginal great guide works to !
Posted by finallife6 on 04 Apr 11 at 02:41
Punisher PabloThought i was a genius for figuring this out lmao, beat me to it! Good solution, this is the method i used to unlock the achievement this morning. It's worth noting as well that on the parts where both profiles are in the same vehicle (eg. the centaur on Ascension, or the Brumak ride), the game is pretty much being played on casual difficulty as far as damage goes.
Posted by Punisher Pablo on 21 Jul 12 at 15:16
Octobot SuperThere are two big things that you didn't mention:

- Outrunning the wall of debris in the worm takes some trial and error to get right.
- In Act IV, there's a part where you split up to go on the lift or the stairs. Have the profile that's on casual take the lift.
Posted by Octobot Super on 15 Dec 12 at 03:54
Jonny1872Worked a treat,

-For the debris wall I played it on solo to avoid using 2 controllers, then once past it quit to Main Menu and played again with the second achievement(it won't effect the friends with benefit achievement, as long as you finish the level in co-op).

- Skorge battle I took the advice of the original post, only had to revive Dom once when he got hit by an ink grenade.

The hardest part was the centaur ride with the brumaks but managed to do it by just driving around and hiding.

Excellent method of getting this achievement
Posted by Jonny1872 on 06 Mar 14 at 09:00