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Will Flo please stand up?!

Win 10 1v1 Head to Head Games!

Will Flo please stand up?!0
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10 Jun 2012
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This is the passive method, which you can do while messing around on the computer or whatever.

Go to Multiplayer and pick Local Game. Set it to Head-to-Head, Time Wars, 5 minutes and any restaurant.

Seat your first guest at any table, preferrably a large one (regardless how large the group you're seating is), to color the seats. Put your controller down and wait about 04:50, ignoring the fact that the customers get angry and you end up at 0 points.

Right before the match ends, find a group with at least 1 color that matches what you seated earlier and seat the right person in that chair for points. Match won. Repeat 9 more times for achievement.