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Dragon's Dogma achievements

Dragon's Dogma

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There are a maximum of 50 Dragon's Dogma achievements worth 1,978 (1,000)

41,528 tracked gamers have this game, 3,405 have completed it (8.20%)

43,424 (29,163)
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Posted on 11 June 12 at 09:06, Edited on 12 June 12 at 11:25
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Games over the past few years have arguably become somewhat lacking in innovation with countless 3rd and 1st person shooters flooding the market.
Last year we saw Dark Souls which broke the mould and won acclaim across the industry. Capcom now step forward hoping to achieve the same with their newest creation Dragon's Dogma.

The game starts in similar fashion to most action RPGs, firstly designing your hero. While the character creation is a mixture of presets and a couple of sliders it is well put together and offers you enough choice to feel like the character your creating is fairly unique, options such as split eye colours show a good attention to detail where many other games fall short.

Again following the usual RPG theme, you start in a small village as a seemingly ordinary person. Shortly afterwards the town is attacked by a massive dragon. Seemingly this brings out the hero in you and you are forced to fight. The dragon makes light work of you however it soon becomes apparent he likes a challenge, and promptly rips out and eats your heart before telling you if you want it back you'll have to go through him.
Fortunately not having a heart seems to only be a minor setback for our hero, he soon wakes and you can set off on your epic journey.
Just before leaving the first town, a mysterious character falls from the sky and insists on accompanying you. You are informed he is a pawn however for now this makes little sense so we'll catch up with that later.

Leaving the first town you'll find the controls fairly straight forward. Movement is with left stick, camera on the right. there is a slightly unusual element of skill attacked being selected by holding a shoulder button then choosing x,y or b. Although slightly unusual the skill system is fairly intuitive and takes little time to get comfortable with.

Moving forward you soon arrive at the next town, here you are challenged by a voice to prove yourself as the arisen. Once this is achieved the voice is appeased and you are granted your very own pawn.
This is the single most innovative part of this game and what truly sets it apart from others in its genre. A pawn is a secondary character that will follow you to the ends of the earth. As you did for yourself you are offered a full character editor to customise them how you please.
After this is done it is explained that other heroes in other worlds are able to hire the use of you pawn to help them in their quests. This is similar to the summoning situation in dark souls where you can get assistance but actual online play is limited you will not see hundreds of other players running around for example.
Once you have your pawn setup you can access an interface to hire other peoples yourself. There is a variety of search options and you can choose how you think will best suit your team using rift crystals which you can find, or gain from others renting your pawn.
Your team can consist of a maximum of 3 pawns (your own and two others) adding an element of final fantasy esque team battles, but obviously in real-time.
Further to this Pawns also are quite the scholars; they will learn from experience both in how to fight enemies and how to complete the quests you undertake. While the second might immediately seem of little use, hiring a more experienced pawn that has completed your missions can easily save you some running around as they are quite vocal and will help guide you as best they can.
Occasionally after you rest at an inn you will be informed your pawn has returned for helping another hero and you may find yourself receiving gifts as well as new knowledge, a brief review and some rift crystals

** Mild Spoiler alert look away now**

Once you are all set you progress through the story with challenging missions and enemies which could use a little more variety but just about enough to not get too boring, this all comes to a final climax which gives you one of the most epic final battles you will have played in any game.
Then if that wasn't enough once you've reclaimed your heart the game throws an extra little twist and offers you both some more missions for a second complete ending followed by the chance to play an ever more popular new game +.

** You can look again now **

One thing to point out, currently NG+ doesn’t scale with character level and as such the second play through will seem easy which is a shame.

Beyond that there is little to say, this game is one that is at risk of being missed by many despite great creativity and innovation. It is solidly built with great visuals and attention to detail.

For me this should be considered a big challenger for game of the year. And a highly recommend buying it if you can find a copy.

NB. A short point to note, some people have compared the difficulty of this game to Dark souls. I feel it is worth saying that with the exception of a couple of places in the game this is not the case, which mistakes are punished with a good team the difficulty is never beyond the reach of the player and certainly not something to put people off.

Edit: couple of changes to address potential spoilers.

Spellers Please take the time to comment if you dislike the review. maybe i'll be able to write more to you pleasing in future.
Posted by Spellers on 11 Jun 12 at 14:40
Marc Pilkington Hopefully it's not me being too picky, but I don't like it when people say things about the ending too much. It's not like you spoiled the ending really (made me excited for that final battle though!) but I had no idea if you'd get your heart back or not. Who knows? Nice review though! I adore Dark Souls so all the talk of it being similar is good in my book!
Posted by Marc Pilkington on 11 Jun 12 at 15:45
Spellers I appologise if you feel that i've said a bit too much, i do try to avoid spoilers as much as i feel i can. i'll just say 2 things.
1. the fight is epic, i really can't think of another battle where i've been blown away like i did with that.
2. Pay attention at the end. hopefully you'll change you mind about my comments after your finished. :)
Posted by Spellers on 11 Jun 12 at 15:52
anomalystic777 Having totally finished the game you didn't spoil anything for me, but I think you should add a spoiler alert at the beginning as you mention the enemy you fight at the second location which isn't really needed, you could say you have to do a mission which leaves the surprise for people. Also you mentioned (as said above by Marc) about the heart which is a spoiler as it is tells you what happens in the main story ending. Other than that it's a decent review, never played Dark Souls myself so can't comment on the comparisons.
Posted by anomalystic777 on 12 Jun 12 at 10:40
Spellers Thanks for the Advice I'll take a look at making some edits.

As for Dark Souls in my opinion it's only real similarity is in the fact it is differant. Each have their merrits and i think both are excellent game. If you like one you will probably enjoy the other.
Posted by Spellers on 12 Jun 12 at 11:20
Marc Pilkington I've not even got the game yet so will look forward to the ending once I get it on thursday for my birthday! I hear there is a big huge twist at the end as well, and I'm sure the heart thing won't ruin it for me. And anomalystic, you should check out Dark Souls if you get the chance. One of the best RPG's I've ever played.
Posted by Marc Pilkington on 12 Jun 12 at 11:29
Spellers :) I hope you enjoy marc, but i challenge you to decide if you prefer this or dark souls when your done. i'm still not decided and Dark souls would rank in my top of any games
Posted by Spellers on 12 Jun 12 at 13:02
VoltFieber DD gets easier once you are at Lv 30-40 and thats maybe just before going to Cassardis!
Its even easier if you play as Archer, his Triple-Shot can kill everything in no time! ^^
Posted by VoltFieber on 12 Jun 12 at 22:28
Spellers yeah agreed i'm rolling with a solo assassin now at lvl 60. working towards a MK
Posted by Spellers on 12 Jun 12 at 22:58
bertalach This game is awesome, it grabbed me in a way no game has for a long time! Its as good as Dark Souls. I'm currently on my third playthrough 4 cheevos to go!
Posted by bertalach on 27 Jun 12 at 17:43
Spellers I agree, i only have a few achievs left to get as well, really enjoyed this and dark souls. nice to see companies innovating for a change.

Bit bemused about all the thumbs down tho :(
Posted by Spellers on 02 Jul 12 at 09:45
Marc Pilkington Don't fret Spellers, there's most likely many on this site which downvote for no good reason. Right, after having the game for almost a month (now been distracted by Lollipop Chainsaw which I'm almost done it) I think DD is one of my favourite RPG's of all time! I really can't say whether I like Dark Souls or DD more, they're both awesome! I'll be getting back into my second playthrough of DD, and hope to 1000g it at some point! I think I plan on doing a review of it in the next day or so, so if I do you could have a look at my take on it :)
Posted by Marc Pilkington on 11 Jul 12 at 00:33
Marc Pilkington *almost done with. And I've just done a Lollipop Chainsaw review today too, on a role! aha.
Posted by Marc Pilkington on 11 Jul 12 at 00:35
ScottMacFreedom Good work.
Posted by ScottMacFreedom on 08 Feb 13 at 22:42
Spellers Cheers :)
Posted by Spellers on 10 Feb 13 at 05:50