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Hero of the Day

Win all matches in CPU Battle mode.

Hero of the Day0
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Mr KaasMr Kaas241,612
14 Oct 2009
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Go to single-player, then choose CPU Battle. You must defeat all 8 enemies there. To defeat an enemy, beat him twice (best out of three). If you want to make it easier on yourself, go to Settings and put the game on Easy; you'll still get your achievement.

ps: make sure to finish this in on sitting; if you quit and try to restart, you'll have to start at the beginning. This achievement took me around 16 minutes.
Where is the option to set the game on Easy? I went to settings and all it has is BGM and SFX settings.
Posted on 16 Sep 10 at 00:15
Sr KordaI've done this twice and still no achievement. Do you have to win every enemy 2-0?
Posted by Sr Korda on 22 Oct 10 at 11:38
ZZRsyThe last one is really hard, The 'Invader' character wont go down easy.
Posted by ZZRsy on 28 Oct 13 at 01:35