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Hero of the Tribe

Complete every level in Brave- A Warrior's Tale

Hero of the Tribe0
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11 Jun 2012 02 Mar 2014
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Right excuse me if I don't write this on the right page but its near completing the game.

Any way lol all I can say is when your near the end and you have to go over the collapsing floor right where toombs2008 said about, I also got stuck on this part and what you have to do is you have to double jump and let your guy fall for about a second and then press B to roll/dive what ever you want to say it is and you should get grab on to the wall.

Dont ask me how it works because I don't know but like I said I got stuck on this part and got to the stage where I wasn't going to play the game again, But we done it on my friends account then done it on mine. Have tried it a few times afterwards and it does work if you get stuck just give us a message :D
UnsungGhostPlease use punctuation. I won't vote negative though; good advice.
Posted by UnsungGhost on 08 Dec 12 at 05:36
IReal ShowdownSorry will do :) .
Posted by IReal Showdown on 08 Dec 12 at 12:32
Now that's a long sentence!
Posted on 26 Feb 13 at 16:18
IReal Showdownye i know and i learnt for if i try and help again
Posted by IReal Showdown on 26 Feb 13 at 16:34
AVJAM75Thanks for posting this - I was so close to rage quit! It seems like the jump is impossible without using the B button to dive after doing double-jump.
Posted by AVJAM75 on 08 Sep 13 at 12:48
IReal ShowdownYe I know mate think that's the piss take of the game lol
Posted by IReal Showdown on 11 Sep 13 at 17:58