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Save up to 1 million coins.

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04 Nov 2008 02 Jan 2009
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To add to JLogan27, make sure the 'piggy banks' in the level and the 'fire hydrants' are SHOT. The piggy banks give you MUCH more when collecting the coins that come out of them rather than collecting the pig itself. Shields in fire hydrants are also valuable.

I was getting 20-23k a go (5-6 minutes) so you can imagine how much easier it is to get 1million that way.

UPDATE: The Level you want to be repeating is Level 5.
hi yemeth...about wich track you are talking about?
Posted on 02 Jan 09 at 00:49
YemethIts level 5.
Posted by Yemeth on 02 Jan 09 at 14:11
Crimson DrifterI'm pretty sure this is one achievement I will NEVER get, ungh
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 10 Jan 09 at 06:52
PyromaniacPandaThis achievement is painful :(
Posted by PyromaniacPanda on 13 Jan 09 at 09:09
PyromaniacPandaThis achievement is painful :(
Posted by PyromaniacPanda on 13 Jan 09 at 09:09
ezekiel 08This game is bad, but I really really want this achievement. It's like the Holy Grail of bad/hard achievements! Apart from DOAX2 that is :P/
Posted by ezekiel 08 on 22 Feb 09 at 21:40
CLET8How the hell do you get 20k a run? I barely even stay alive and even then i can only get like 8 k. Any tips?
Posted by CLET8 on 26 May 09 at 05:28
Vince989If you're going slow, staying alive shouldn't be that hard, though I sometimes die around 2 mins 15 secs when I haven't been careful enough. Just make sure you focus on destroying the piggy banks and hydrants as early on as you can, and pick up most Gold coins you can while not getting too damaged in the earlier laps, and and getting the rest of the stuff that you can along the ride. Grey coins aren't worth much, so you can skip them if you can't focus on everything all at once, but they still add up after some time! I can usually get around 10k-13k, still quite far from the 20k he claimed!
Posted by Vince989 on 26 May 09 at 22:04
In my best moments i get 9k...even 15k seems impossible to me...
Posted on 09 Jun 09 at 17:51
Demogorgon XXi managed to get 25k once. you eventually learn a certain pattern to get the most out of track 5.
Posted by Demogorgon XX on 12 Jul 09 at 22:07
Jumpmangamer20k-23k. got it just like he said.
Posted by Jumpmangamer on 08 Sep 09 at 05:33
MMMDITo those of you having problems getting a high score per run, look up "Yaris glitch shooting" on Youtube. Before I found that, I was like some of you - only getting 8-10k per run. After I got the hang of glitch shooting, I was averaging 20-25k per run (31k was my best).
Posted by MMMDI on 08 Sep 09 at 09:01
Riispawn Nationcrap too bad this game isn't available anymore :(
Posted by Riispawn Nation on 25 Mar 10 at 22:16
x athiktos xPlay level 1 first and get some upgraded weapons, then take them to level 5. Use the first lap to shoot the guardrails and piggy banks. Also, use the first lap to pick up the coins on the ground. In the final two laps, pick up the clusters of coins that appear from shot guardrails and piggy banks. I've been averaging about 16,000-17,000 in my first 5 runs...should only get higher from there.
Posted by x athiktos x on 19 Jul 10 at 20:36
Riispawn Nation@ RgeH0weller

Ha ha. I found out how to get the game thanks to tractakid, I'm ready to grind!
Posted by Riispawn Nation on 22 Jul 10 at 01:16
Mama Luigi 64I got it by having an average of 13 000 coins per 6 minutes
Posted by Mama Luigi 64 on 14 Aug 10 at 00:03
ll sider inc ll

aperntly this works ;)
Posted by ll sider inc ll on 30 Jan 11 at 00:42
G3n3ralG3n0c1dEWow 36 postive guys really ought to check the other solution before grinding anymore coins. ;-)
Posted by G3n3ralG3n0c1dE on 02 Mar 11 at 01:28
YemethWhy are you coming to my 2 year old solution and mouthing off against it just because you posted a solution a few hours ago? Grow up.
Posted by Yemeth on 02 Mar 11 at 11:38
Oriole2682he was trying to be helpful...would you rather spend an hour or two for this or 24 hours...
Posted by Oriole2682 on 01 Apr 11 at 02:02
Carlos AgainGotten up to 700,000 coins in just a week of very casual play. Painfully droneful achievement, although it is a good time to listen to podcasts/meditate.
Posted by Carlos Again on 31 Aug 12 at 18:32