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5 Match Winning Streak

Win 5 Ranked Exhibition Matches in a row.

5 Match Winning Streak0
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15 Oct 2009
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This is most easily achieved when working together with a friend. Remember that this achievement (along with the others) require ranked matches, but it doesn't matter what the settings are like. I used 1 set/7 points/5 serves for this.

Since the multiplayer is practically empty nowadays, it's easy to hook up with a friend if you coordinate over speech. One starts the server, and the other looks for an available game as soon as it's started.
Ginn0rzIf you want the GOAT achievement DO NOT trade wins for the winning streaks first. I had six losses when I tried to get the GOAT and it took 155 wins in order to reach level 50. You will be heavily penalised for the losses. I know it's tempting to knock out the streak achievements for easy gamerpoints early on, but don't do it if you want the GOAT!
Posted by Ginn0rz on 20 May 10 at 08:11