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Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix achievements

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

3.5 from 1094 votes

There are a maximum of 12 Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix achievements worth 431 (200)

12,677 tracked gamers have this game, 840 have completed it (6.63%)

493,094 (285,162)
TA Score for this game: 431
Posted on 15 June 12 at 16:25
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This game is awesome! Fun factor is maxed out with variety in characters defined by how their blocks drop when using "special moves" (Hadoken, Shoryuken, etc.) and they also have "hyper combo" (Shinkuu Hadoken, Shoryu Reppa, etc) moves as well!! Characters come from either Street Fighter or Dark Stalkers and this clashes all together with a Tetris-like game that more resembles Pokemon Puzzle League or the Puzzle Kombat mini-game from Mortal Kombat Deception but this (at least its first form) is what spawned all of those. This game was old before it was brought to XBLA (oh so many years ago).

Graphics: This game is a bit dated but the graphics are anime style (not cell-shaded) and is 2D. The colors a vibrant and help keep it flashy and in your face. If you actually win by dropping a lot of blocks your character uses their "Hyper Special" and you win with a flashy screen (just like MVC, Street Fighter IV) so it adds that little bit of flair for finishing flashy.

Gameplay: This game comes with 4 modes with 2 of them being brand new to the 360 version. The variety in these modes helps shape your preferences and playstyle. Plays much like Tetris but not exactly like it, it has a few key differences such as forming Blocks and Super Blocks (having a 2 by 2 of the same color for regular block and anything past 6 being Super Blocks) and "Crash Gems" which disintegrate the blocks and drop small pieces, that start with timers based on dropped pieces that solidify into the color of the number when the timer reaches 0. The 4 modes are spread across Arcade, split screen versus, and online matchmaking.

Fun Factor: This game is fun and will absorb you for hours. Even after getting most of the single player achievements I had to randomly play for the 7 chain and it was fun even when I had finally unlocked it as my last achievement and the game is still fun to this day! There are different difficulties for those who like to challenge themselves and this game does not disappoint. Great for kids and adults alike, also a great family fun game.

Achievements: Not to difficult for the most part but the 7 Chain achievement takes a bit of luck and the online community is dead so you will have to boost the 3 online achievement but you only need 4 to join in a lobby the match doesn't even have to start so it isn't to terrible.

Overall: A great and fun experience for kids or even a bargain for adults/achievement hunters. It has very good visual representation and isn't at all a serious game (as the very small cartoony characters display themselves) but its got that little extra "umph" to push it like a Fighting Puzzle Game! This game is a bargain and is very enjoyable even after completion.toast